Appendix A: New Starts Project Profiles

Annual Report on New Starts 2006
Appendix A: Table of Contents

Background FY 2007 New Starts (PDF)

Alphabetical List of Projects by Development Phase and State

Full Funding Grant Agreements

Figure 3: Map of Full Funding Grant Agreements (PDF)

AZ, Phoenix, Central Phoenix / East Valley Light Rail (MS Word) [Central Phoenix / East Valley Map (PDF)]
CA, Los Angeles, Metro Gold Line East Side Extension (MS Word)[Los Angeles / Metro Gold Line Map (PDF)]
CA, San Diego, Mission Valley East LRT Extension (MS Word)[San Diego / Mission Valley Map (PDF)]
CA, San Diego, Oceanside-Escondido Rail Corridor (MS Word)[San Diego / Oceanside-Escondido Map (PDF)]
CA, San Francisco, BART Extension to San Francisco Airport (MS Word) [San Francisco / BART Extension Map (PDF)]
CO, Denver, Southeast Corridor LRT (MS Word) [Denver / Southeast Corridor Map (PDF)]
IL, Chicago, Douglas Branch Reconstruction (MS Word) [Chicago / Douglas Branch Map (PDF)]
IL, Chicago, Ravenswood Line Extension (MS Word) [Chicago / Ravenswood Map (PDF)]
IL, Chicago, Union Pacific West Line Extension (MS Word) [Chicago / Union Pacific Map (PDF)]
MD, Baltimore, Central LRT Double-Track (MS Word) [Baltimore / Central LRT Map (PDF)]
NC, Charlotte, South Corridor LRT(MS Word) [Charlotte / South Corridor LRT Map (PDF)]
NJ, Northern New Jersey, Hudson-Bergen MOS-2 (MS Word) [Northern New Jersey / Hudson-Bergen Map (PDF)]
OH, Cleveland, Euclid Corridor Transportation Project (MS Word)[Cleveland / Euclid Corridor Map (PDF)]
OR, Portland, Interstate MAX LRT Extension (MS Word) [Portland / Interstate MAX LRT Map (PDF)]
PR, San Juan, Tren Urbano (MS Word)[San Juan / Tren Urbano Map (PDF)]
WA, Seattle, Central Link Initial Segment (MS Word)[Seattle / Central Link Map (PDF)]

Existing and Pending Full Funding Grant Agreements

Figure 4: Map of Existing and Pending Full Funding Grant Agreements (PDF)

NY, New York, Long Island Rail Road East Side Access (MS Word) [New York / Long Island Map (PDF)]
PA, Pittsburgh, North Shore LRT Connector (MS Word) [Pittsburgh / North Shore LRT Map (PDF)]

Final Design

Figure 5: Map of New Starts Projects in Final Design (PDF)

CO, Denver, West Corridor LRT (MS Word) [Denver / West Corridor LRT Map (PDF)]
NC, Raleigh-Durham, Regional Rail System (MS Word)[Raleigh-Durham / Regional Rail System Map (PDF)]
OR, Portland, South Corridor I-205 / Portland Mall LRT (MS Word) [Portland / South Corridor I-205 & Portland Mall LRT Map (PDF)]
OR, Washington County, Wilsonville to Beaverton Commuter Rail (MS Word)[Washington County / Wilsonville to Beavorton Map (PDF)]
TN, Nashville, East Corridor Commuter Rail (MS Word)[Nashville / East Corridor Map (PDF)]
TX, Dallas, Northwest/Southeast LRT (MS Word) [Dallas / Northeast/Southeast LRT Map (PDF)]
UT, Salt Lake City, Weber County to Salt Lake City Commuter Rail (MS Word) [Salt Lake City / Weber County to Salt Lake City Map (PDF)]

Preliminary Engineering

Figure 6: Map of New Starts Projects in Preliminary Engineering (PDF)

CA, Sacramento, South Corridor LRT Extension (MS Word)[Sacramento / South Corridor Map (PDF)]
CA, San Francisco, Central Subway (MS Word)[San Francisco / Central Subway Map (PDF)]
CT, Hartford, New Britain - Hartford Busway (MS Word)[Hartford / New Britain to Hartford Map (PDF)]
DE, Wilmington, Wilmington to Newark Commuter Rail Improvements (MS Word)[Wilmington / Wilmington to Newark Map (PDF)]
FL, Miami, North Corridor Metrorail Extension (MS Word) [Miami / North Corridor Map (PDF)]
MN, Minneapolis-Big Lake, Northstar Corridor Rail (MS Word) [Minneapolis-Big Lake / Northstar Corridor Map (PDF)]
NY, New York, Second Avenue Subway MOS (MS Word) [New York / Second Avenue Subway Map (PDF)]
PA, Harrisburg, CORRIDORone Rail MOS (MS Word)[Harrisburg / CORRIDORone Map (PDF)]
PA, Philadelphia-Reading, Schuylkill Valley MetroRail (MS Word)[Philadelphia-Reading / Schuylkill Valley Map (PDF)]
RI, Providence, South County Commuter Rail (MS Word)[Providence / South County Map (PDF)]
TX, Houston, North Corridor Rapid Transit MOS (MS Word)[Houston / North Corridor Map (PDF)]
TX, Houston, Southeast Corridor Rapid Transit MOS (MS Word)[Houston / Southeast Corridor Map (PDF)]
VA, Norfolk, Norfolk LRT (MS Word)[Norfolk / Norfolk LRT Map (PDF)]
VA, Northern Virginia, Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Extension to Wiehle Avenue (MS Word)[Northern Virginia / Dulles Corridor Map (PDF)]
WA, Seattle, University Link LRT Extension (MS Word) [Seattle / University Link LRT Map (PDF)]