Proposed Allocation of Funds for Fiscal Year 2007

New Starts Press Release
Secretary Mineta's Remarks
Deputy Administrator's Remarks

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Annual Report on
New Starts

Proposed Allocation of
Funds for Fiscal Year 2007
Report of the Secretary of Transportation
to the United States Congress
Pursuant to 49 U.S.C. 5309(k)(1)

Annual Report on New Starts: Proposed Allocation of Funds for Fiscal Year 2007

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2006 Prepared by:
Federal Transit Administration Pursuant to:
Title 49, United States Code, Section 5309(k)(1) Available from:
Federal Transit Administration
Office of Planning and Environment
400 7th Street, SW, Room 9413
Washington, DC  20590

Letter to The Honorable Richard C. Shelby

Letter to The Honorable Paul S. Sarbanes

Letter to The Honorable Don Young

Letter to The Honorable James L. Oberstar 

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Principles for Funding Recommendations

A Word about Full Funding Grant Agreements 

Table 1

FY 2007 Funding Allocations and Recommendations 

Existing Full Funding Grant Agreements 

Pending Full Funding Grant Agreements 
       NY, New York, Long Island Rail Road East Side Access 
       PA, Pittsburgh, North Shore LRT Connector

Proposed Full Funding Grant Agreements 
       CO, Denver, West Corridor LRT 
       OR, Portland, South Corridor I-205 / Portland Mall LRT  
       OR, Washington County, Wilsonville to Beaverton Commuter Rail 
       TX, Dallas, Northwest/Southeast LRT MOS 
       UT, Salt Lake City, Weber County to Salt Lake City Commuter Rail

Other Projects 
       Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, Largo Metrorail Extension
       NY, New York, Second Avenue Subway MOS  
       VA, Norfolk, Norfolk LRT  
       VA, No. Virginia/Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Extension to Wiehle Avenue  
       WA, Seattle, University Link LRT Extension

Small Starts
Other Funding
Transportation in the Parks and Public Lands Program

FY 2007 New Starts Projects and Ratings Contained in this Report 

Table 2

Appendix A: New Starts Project Profiles

Appendix B: FY 2007 Evaluation and Rating Process 

Figure I-1  New Starts Evaluation Process

Table I-1  FY 2007 Overall Rating Decision Rules
Table II-1  New Starts Project Justification Criteria and Supporting Measures and Categories
Table II-2  Cost Effectiveness Breakpoints
Table II-3  Ratings Applied in Assessment of Land Use Criterion
Table III-1  Capital Plan Rating Standards