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04/19/2012 FTA Celebrates the 42nd Earth Day! Read More
04/14/2012 Federal Transit Administrator Rogoff Joins Colorado Officials To Break Ground on Nation’s First Rural Rapid Bus Service Read More
04/12/2012 Construction Gets Underway for BART’s Berryessa Extension Read More
04/11/2012 Rogoff Visits BART; Highlights Need for Repairs to Aging U.S. Transit Read More
04/10/2012 Rogoff Signs $38 M Agreement For Austin’s ‘MetroRapid’ Bus Rapid Transit Read More
04/02/2012 $13M in Research Funds Helps Advance the Adoption of Clean, Green Transit Buses Read More
03/13/2012 DOT Proposes to Streamline NEPA Process Cut Red Tape, Improve Transparency Read More
02/23/2012 Rogoff Tours Transit-Related Construction Boom Along Dallas DART Green Line Read More
02/06/2012 FTA Announces $468,736 Grant to Clay County Council on Aging for Buses, Equipment Read More
01/31/2012 FTA Administrator Tours Proposed Transit Lines in NC’s Research Triangle Read More
01/30/2012 Transportation Secretary LaHood Joins Officials to Break Ground for Dilworth Plaza Project Read More
01/25/2012 Transportation Secretary LaHood Proposes Measures to Streamline FTA’s Capital Investment Process Read More
01/17/2012 DOT Announces $40.8M to Improve Access to National Parks, Forests, Wildlife Refuges Read More
01/12/2012 FTA Showcases Portland’s Moody Avenue Project as Catalyst for Economic Development Read More
12/19/2011 Rogoff and Maryland Officials Unveil New Hybrid Buses Purchased With Recovery Act Funds Read More
12/12/2011 FTA Awards $116M to Help Utah Fund Last Leg of 70-Mile Light Rail System Read More
12/02/2011 Denver Eagle P3 Gets $280M TIFIA Loan Read More
11/28/2011 $900M Funding Agreements Advance Houston Light Rail Read More
11/21/2011 FTA Funds CT's First BRT Line Read More
11/18/2011 Recovery Act Fuels Innovation in GA Read More
11/17/2011 Moving Sustainable Transit Forward - DOT announces $112 million to promote 46 innovative and clean-fuel transit projects around the country. Read More
11/14/2011 America’s Green Transportation Future - FTA joins Sunline Transit in Southern California to tout jobs and innovation in sustainable transportation Read More
11/09/2011 DOT Announces $34.6 Million to Provide More Transportation Options for Veterans Read More
11/03/2011 DOT Calls for Passage of American Jobs Act in PA Read More
10/28/2011 DOT Announces $34.7 Million for Transit Improvements in L.A. Read More
10/28/2011 New Croydon rail station reopens with $8.5 million Recovery Act boost Read More
10/24/2011 DOT Announces $75M Grant Agreement to Modernize 50-Mile Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line Read More
10/19/2011 DOT Announces $9 M for New Bus Operations and Maintenance Facility in Gainesville, Florida Read More
10/18/2011 DOT Announces $14.4M to Improve Transit Facilities, Access to Jobs in Eastern Pennsylvania Read More
10/17/2011 Welcome to FTA's New Public Website Read More
10/17/2011 DOT Announces $46.7 M Putting Americans Back to Work Read More
10/17/2011 Secretary LaHood Announces $928.5 M Transit Infrastructure Investment Read More
10/17/2011 FTA Proposes Title VI Circular and EJ Circular Read More
09/29/2011 LaHood Announces $75 Million to Bring Improved Bus Rapid Transit Service to California Read More
09/19/2011 LaHood Awards $25 Million for Charlotte Streetcar to Boost Economic Growth Read More
09/19/2011 Secretary Ray LaHood Calls for Passage of American Jobs Act to Grow Minnesota’s Economy Read More
08/31/2011 Secretary LaHood Signs $1 Billion Federal Funding Agreement for Denver’s Eagle P3 Commuter Rail Line Read More
08/18/2011 Ray LaHood Announces $25 Million for First Bus Rapid Transit Service in Colorado Read More
08/18/2011 Deputy Administrator McMillan helps Opens Virginia's First Light Rail Transit System Read More
08/08/2011 Panel to Help Advance Transit in Southeastern Michigan Read More
08/05/2011 Program Aims to Improve Condition of America’s Transit Systems Read More
07/28/2011 LaHood Commits $30 Million to Improve Access to Jobs and Community Services for Military Families Read More
07/25/2011 Enabling rural American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments to invest in public transit options Read More
07/18/2011 The largest federal transit investment in Central Florida is expected to create an estimated 11,000 construction-related jobs. Read More
07/13/2011 "This streetcar project will give people the option to leave the car at home and get to where they need to go in downtown Atlanta," Read More
07/11/2011 Examples of the need for federal funds to bring the nation’s transit systems into a state of good repair. Read More
07/05/2011 LaHood Announces $3.4 Million To Renew Aging Paratransit Fleet in Toledo Read More
06/29/2011 Seeking innovative projects that create ‘green’ jobs, promote the use of clean fuels, and cut our nation's dependence on oil. Read More
06/27/2011 To improve public transportation access for millions of Americans while reducing our dependence on foreign oil and curbing air pollution. Read More
06/24/2011 Small Starts ANPRM Webinar Read More
06/21/2011 A key element of reconstruction is consolidating the bus and transfer area and the rail station. Read More
06/16/2011 To help develop transit options to better connect people to where they live, work, and play. Read More
06/15/2011 By taking transit, a family of three saves enough to cover their annual food budget Read More
06/09/2011 LaHood Announces Funding for Creating New Jobs and Training the Next Generation of Transit Workforce Read More
06/09/2011 Hampton Roads Transit Opens New ‘Green’ Bus Maintenance Facility Read More
06/07/2011 LaHood Breaks Ground On New Orleans Streetcar Project Read More
06/06/2011 DOT Encourages American Production of Steel Rails for Streetcars Read More
05/20/2011 LaHood Announces Availability of $7.6 Billion for Transit Read More
05/19/2011 Hearing on Transportation Policy Priorities and Federal Transit Programs Read More
05/17/2011 Rogoff Delivers Remarks at Montano Intermodal Center - Albuquerque, NM Read More
05/17/2011 $6.7 Million Award To Build Montaño Intermodal Center in New Mexico Read More
04/26/2011 Rogoff Delivers Remarks at Central Corrider FFGA Ceremony Read More
02/24/2011 Rogoff Delivers Remarks at Sahara BRT Groundbreaking, Las Vegas, NV Read More
02/23/2011 Rogoff Delivers Remarks at Hawaii DBE Workshop Read More
01/31/2011 Rogoff Delivers Remarks for Tampa’s Streetcar Extension Read More
01/18/2011 Deputy Administrator Delivers Remarks at St. Paul Union Depot Groundbreaking Read More
12/22/2010 FTA Awards National Parks, Forests, Wildlife Refuges $27 Million for Alternative Transportation Read More
12/21/2010 FTA Program Promotes Advanced Fuel Cell Technologies to Power Cleaner, Greener Transit Buses Read More
12/21/2010 FTA Announces $25.7 Million to Help Communities Evaluate, Select Best Local Transit Options Read More
12/03/2010 Green Line Opens Ahead of Schedule, Recovery Act Helps Bring Project in Under Budget Read More
12/01/2010 55 Years After Rosa Parks Refused To Give Up Her Seat, FTA Carries On Legacy to Ensure Equal Access for All Read More
10/26/2010 Deputy Administrator at National Rural & Intecity Bus Conference - Burlington, VT Read More
10/25/2010 Bonneville Transit Center Opening Enhances Urban Public Transit Options for Las Vegas Valley Read More
10/04/2010 U.S. Transp. Sec'y LaHood Announces $776M in‘State of Good Repair’ Dollars for Nation’s Urban and Rural Bus Systems Read More
09/29/2010 U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces Final Recovery Act Transit Grant Read More
09/13/2010 Secretary LaHood Visits WMATA Maryland Facility to Showcase New Buses, Body and Paint Shop Funded by Recovery Act Read More
09/08/2010 FTA Finds Houston METRO in Violation of Federal ‘Buy America’ Requirements and Procurement Laws Read More
08/18/2010 North Kingstown Commuter Rail Station to Receive Additional $13.6 Million Grant Read More
07/21/2010 FTA Study: $77.7 Billion Needed to Bring Rail and Bus Transit Systems into 'State of Good Repair' Read More
07/09/2010 U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Signs $20M Grant Agreement for Kent Central Gateway Multimodal Transit Facility Read More
07/08/2010 Urban Circulator/Bus and Bus Livability Project Descriptions Read More
07/08/2010 U.S. Transportation Sec'y Ray LaHood Announces $293M for New Transit Solutions, Economic Development Nationwide Read More
06/29/2010 Sec'y LaHood Commends Senate Banking Comm. for Unanimous Vote Adopting Historic Transit Safety Legislation Read More
06/23/2010 U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces New Transit Rail Advisory Committee for Safety Read More
06/22/2010 FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff Delivers Remarks at WMATA Memorial Service - Washington, DC Read More
06/14/2010 Federal Transit Administrator Rogoff Touts Successful Massachusetts ‘Transit in Parks’ Investments Read More
06/01/2010 FTA Webinar information sessions for grantees on Federal Financial Report Read More
05/26/2010 Remarks to the Community Transportation Association of America annual meeting Read More
05/26/2010 Deputy Administrator Delivers Remarks at WTS in San Francisco, CA Read More
05/21/2010 USDOT Officials Deliver Encouraging Message to “Bike to Work Day” Rally Read More
05/18/2010 FTA Administrator Rogoff to Business & Community Leaders: Improving Transit Means Making Difficult Choices Read More
05/18/2010 $1.1 Million Grant from Federal Transit Administration Keeps South Dakota Buses Rolling Read More
05/14/2010 $886,160 Grant from Federal Transit Administration Will Fund Ongoing Yolo County Bus Facility Improvements Read More
05/07/2010 Letters from Deputy Secretary Porcari and Administrator Rogoff on ARRA and DBE Read More
05/04/2010 Obama Administration to Award $775M for Bus Transit Upgrades Read More
05/03/2010 U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces $775 Million In Federal Funds to Upgrade Nation’s Bus Systems Read More
04/21/2010 Audit of the Tri-State Oversight Committee and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority Read More
02/05/2010 Redevelopment of Multimodal Transportation Hub Will Create Jobs Read More
02/05/2010 Remarks at Denver Union Station Read More
02/02/2010 New Starts Report to Congress FY 2011, News Starts and Small Starts project funding recommendations. Read More
02/02/2010 Request includes $834.6 million for 19 new projects Read More
02/01/2010 While rail transit is safe, we must take serious steps now to make it even safer and ensure it remains safe. Read More
12/18/2009 $10.6 Million in Recovery Act Funds Helps Create Jobs Read More
12/11/2009 $17 million in Recovery Act Funds to Pay for 39 Projects Read More
12/08/2009 Secretary LaHood called on Congress to pass the Obama Administration’s Public Transportation Safety Program Act of 2009 Read More
12/08/2009 Statement before the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommitee on Highways and Transit, House of Rep. Read More
12/01/2009 Secretary LaHood proposes new funding guidelines for major transit projects be based on livability issues. Read More
12/01/2009 The $280 million for urban circulator projects such as streetcars, buses, and bus facilities Read More
11/13/2009 Administrator Rogoff celebrates the grand opening of the 40-mile Northstar Commuter Rail Line Read More
10/29/2009 “The Next 50 Years: Addressing California's Mobility in a Time of Financial Challenge” Read More
10/20/2009 FTA Guidance on Pre-purchasing Cummins 2007 Bus Engines Read More
10/14/2009 Transit Cooperative Research Program Quick Study (With Attached Recommendations on Rail Safety) Read More
10/06/2009 The annual American Public Transporation Association (APTA) meeting was held October 4th through 7th Read More
09/22/2009 NTSB Safety Recommendations Read More
09/21/2009 Deputy Administrator Therese McMillan Speaks in North Dakota Read More
09/21/2009 $100 Million in Obama Administration Economic Recovery Act Funds Charts New Course for Green Transportation Read More
09/16/2009 Administrator Peter Rogoff helps WMATA break ground Read More
08/31/2009 FTA Reaches Major Recovery Act Milestone, Awards $6.7 Billion To Nearly 600 Transit Providers Across the U.S. Read More
08/25/2009 Transp.Sec'y Ray LaHood Announces $189.8M in Federal Recovery Act Funds for Transit Improvements Throughout U.S. Read More
08/24/2009 Transp. Sec'y Ray LaHood Announces $1.3B in Federal Recovery Act Funds for Transit Improvements Throughout U.S. Read More
08/14/2009 Transp. Sec'y Ray LaHood Announces $1.2B in Federal Recovery Act Funds for Transit Improvements Throughout .U.S. Read More
08/05/2009 Administrator Rogoff's Hearing on Rail Modernization: Getting Transit Funding Back on Track Read More
07/31/2009 Transportation Sec'y Ray LaHood Announces $369.5M in Federal Recovery Act Funds for Transit Improvements Throughout U.S. Read More
07/27/2009 Recovery Act funds will go to improve state and local transit systems in the United States Read More
07/15/2009 Administrator Peter Rogoff Testifies: “Back on Track: WMATA Red Line Metrorail Accident and Read More
07/14/2009 Urgent Safety Concerns Read More
07/11/2009 Administrator Rogoff was in Vermont to take part in the groundbreaking ceremony of Advance Transit's Bus Facility Read More
07/06/2009 FTA Administrator Peter M. Rogoff Remarks at TranspGroundbreaking Event at Southbend, IN Read More
07/01/2009 Administrator Rogoff was in Indiana to take part in the groundbreaking ceremony for a state-of-the-art transit complex Read More
06/25/2009 ARRA transportation projects are putting people to work across the country. Read More
06/24/2009 ARRA Operating Assistance Q & A - Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2009 Read More
06/24/2009 ARRA Operating Assistance - Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2009 Read More
06/19/2009 54 grants totaling $346.2 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) are being awarded Read More
06/17/2009 Deadline for $1.5 billion of Discretionary Grant Funds Read More
06/10/2009 77 grants for transit in 27 states, DC, and the Virgin Islands Read More
06/08/2009 FTA's New Administrator Peter M. Rogoff Read More
06/08/2009 Therese Watkins McMillan joins the FTA as the Deputy Administrator. Read More
06/08/2009 Agreement to Immediately Begin Work on Access to the Regions Core Read More
06/08/2009 Remarks by PETER M. ROGOFF, Administrator Read More
05/13/2009 U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Read More
05/11/2009 Success in Enhancing Ridership Awards Presented at APTA Read More
05/08/2009 President Obama recommended funding for major new and in-progress transit projects Read More
05/07/2009 ARRA Funds Pay for Transit Projects in Nine States Read More
04/30/2009 U.S. DOT Transp. Sec'y Ray LaHood Announces $75M in Federal Funding for Eastside Extension of Portland Streetcar Loop Read More
04/30/2009 Supplemental FY09 Apportionments & Allocations Read More
04/30/2009 Rail Modernization Study Report to Congress Read More
04/27/2009 FTA Issues several FR notices on agency information collection and the Fiscal Year 2009 Apportionments and Allocations. Read More
03/25/2009 Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces Recovery Act Funding for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction Read More
03/23/2009 Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces Recovery Act Funding for Tribal Transit Read More
01/16/2009 Top U.S. Transit Official Announces $308.6 Million in Funding to Keep Denver’s West Corridor Project on the FasTrack Read More
01/15/2009 Top U.S. Transit Official Signs $813 Million Agreement to Fund Construction of the University Link Extension Read More
01/09/2009 FTA Signs Agreement to Provide $428.3 Million to fund Mid-Jordon Extension of TRAX Light Rail System Read More
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