Introduction to Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicles (GARVEEs) Webinar

Start Date: 5/3/2012

End Date: 5/3/2012

Event Description:

The provision of Section 122 of Title 23, U.S.C., GARVEEs permit States to pay debt service and other bond-related expenses with future Federal-aid highway apportionments. GARVEEs provide the opportunity to leverage Federal-aid highway funds to accommodate major projects that might preempt a State’s capital program or to advance phases of various statewide projects by composite issuance. As of September 30, 2011, 25 States and 2 territories had issued $15 billion in GARVEEs since enactment of the National Highway System Act in 1995. This Webinar will help FHWA staff understand GARVEEs—the fundamentals, advantages, and disadvantages of this debt-financing tool—and will enable staff to provide better guidance to State and local partners. Register Now! or copy and paste the following link to a browser: