Acting Administrator Speeches

Date Subject
1/13/2016 Transportation Research Board Mobility Panel
11/12/2015 Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments WMATA Metrorail Safety Oversight
10/6/2015 APTA Annual Meeting 2015
7/23/2015 WMATA Board of Directors Safety and Security Committee Remarks
7/23/2015 ADA 25th Anniversary Event Bethesda, Maryland
6/18/2015 WMATA Safety Management Inspection Report News Conference
10/1/2014 WTS International Transportation Policy Symposium, Washington, DC
8/27/2014 Keynote: Central Ohio Transit Authority
6/20/2014 Mineta National Policy Summit, Commonwealth Club of California
6/16/2014 2104 APTA Rail Conference - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2/5/2014 Southwest Transit Association - San Antonio, TX
3/13/2013 2013 COMTO Celebrating Women Who Move The Nation Award Ceremony
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12/2/2011 Funding Transportation in New York
10/28/2011 Los Angeles Metro Discretionary Grant Announcement
10/25/2011 Alaska Community Transportation Transit Conference
9/29/2011 Maine Tri-State Conference
9/28/2011 WTS Rhode Island Chapter
8/18/2011 The Tide Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Norfolk, VA
8/11/2011 State Partnerships Meeting - Washington, DC
8/3/2011 FTA Climate Change Adaptation Seminar - Los Angeles, CA
8/1/2011 APTA Sustainability Conference - Los Angeles, CA
7/20/2011 3rd Annual State of Good Repair Roundtable - Atlanta, GA
7/19/2011 COMTO - Philadelphia, PA
5/22/2011 APTA, Memphis, TN
5/19/2011 WTS Annual Conference - San Francisco, CA
1/18/2011 St. Paul Union Depot Groundbreaking
10/26/2010 National Rural & Intecity Bus Conference - Burlington, VT
10/19/2010 Tubbs-Jones Transit Center - Cleveland, OH
5/26/2010 WTS in San Francisco, CA
3/23/2010 Opening Remarks at the Kansas City Training Meeting
3/8/2010 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Sustainable Communities Planning Grant Listening Session
1/21/2010 Transit Update from Washington, DC
10/29/2009 Mineta Transportation Institute/Commonwealth Club
10/29/2009 International Industry Leaders Panel
10/28/2009 Keynote at California Transit Assoc. 44th Annual Fall Conference and Expo
10/13/2009 APTA's Transportation Tuesday
9/22/2009 Climate Leadership Academy
9/21/2009 Opening Remarks at Dakota Transit Association Annual Meeting
9/21/2009 Fargo Transit Garage Groundbreaking