Private Enterprise Participation in Planning and Service Delivery

Number C-04-07

July 26, 2007

Private Enterprise Participation in Planning and Service Delivery (PDF)

Dear Colleague:

It is my pleasure to announce a new website dedicated to private enterprise participation in transit projects. You may remember that we distributed a Private Enterprise Participation in Planning and Service Delivery brochure several years ago. We recently updated that information and created a user-friendly webpage that will serve as one-stop shopping for private involvement in transit projects.

We developed this new webpage because we recognize the indispensable role of private enterprise in meeting the transportation needs of the public. Private sector operators are important for the delivery of transportation services in every community, in their role as either direct providers of services they choose to offer the public, or as contractors who deliver public transportation or specialized transportation services. Along with experience and knowledge, the private sector brings additional resources, flexibility, and competition to the transit community. The interconnected nature of America’s transportation network demands that public transportation providers work with the private transportation industry to maintain the vitality and effectiveness of every component.

We believe this new webpage, which is located at, will provide helpful information for the private sector to get involved in transit projects. We also include information on Urban Partnership Agreements to reduce congestion and Public Private Partnerships in public transportation. In addition, we provide relevant legal citations and agency interpretations. We will use this new webpage to announce upcoming activities relating to private sector participation and we will post relevant documents that may be of interest to our private sector partners.

I hope you find this new tool useful and that you visit it often.


James S. Simpson