Model Transit Bus Safety and Security Program

Number C-02-12

U.S. Department
of Transportation
Federal Transit


400 Seventh St. S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20590

Dear Colleague:

The security of passengers and employees is a core element of the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Model Transit Bus Safety and Security Program. To facilitate the development of the transit bus security and emergency preparedness guidance documents, I invite you to attend a workshop to be held on July 17, 2002, at Battelle’s Washington Operations offices, 901 D Street SW, Suite 900, Washington DC (adjacent to the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station).

The FTA is developing the Model Transit Bus Safety and Security Program in cooperation with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials; the American Public Transportation Association; the Community Transportation Association of America; and the three major unions that represent transit workers, the Amalgamated Transit Union, Transport Workers Union, and United Transportation Union.

The specific objectives of this workshop are to set priorities for the guidance documents, focus on current practices related to transit bus security and emergency preparedness, and to define the differences that may be necessary to provide competent technical assistance to both large and small transit providers. You, along with a small group of your industry peers, have been selected to participate in this workshop based on your interest in enhancing transit bus safety and security.

The workshop will start at 9:00 a.m. and be completed by 4:00 p.m. If you are able to participate in this workshop, please RSVP by July 10 to Amy Jernigan, Office of Safety and Security, at (202) 366-2896 or

It is my sincere hope that you will join us for this important industry effort. If you have any questions, please contact Harry Saporta or Amy Jernigan at the above telephone number. Thank you for your cooperation in this critical industry task. I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


Robert D. Jamison