Policy Letters 2002

  12/18/2002   Continuing Resolution (5th) Effective Through January 11, 2003
  12/5/2002   Full Funding Grant Agreement Guidance
  12/10/2002   FTA's Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) Mechanism
  8/5/2002   15th National Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation Conference
  7/3/2002   Model Transit Bus Safety and Security Program
  7/1/2002   Global Positioning System
  6/27/2002   Potential Vulnerability of our Transit Systems to Terrorist Threats
  6/10/2002   Buy America Re: Rolling Stock
  5/29/2002   Policy Changes and Clarifications Re: Procurement Transactions
  5/16/2002   Asset Condition Module of the NTD
  5/1/2002   Two Components of FTA's Transportation Coordination Toolkit
  4/1/2002   Invitation to Connecting Communities: Emergency Preparedness and Secutity 2002 Regional Forum
  4/3/2002   FTA Funds Available to Transit Agencies for Emergency Preparedness Drills
  3/27/2002   Statistical Summaries
  2/26/2002   Safety and Security Module of the Redesigned National Transit Database (NTD) is Complete
  3/19/2002   Transmittal of FTA's Annual Report on New Starts
  1/14/2002   Needs of the Intercity Bus Industry and its Importance in the Transportation Network

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