Guidance for Developing and Deploying Real-Time Traveler Information Systems

Number C-17-03

Dear Colleague:

I am pleased to announce the availability of the report, Guidance for Developing and Deploying Real-time Traveler Information Systems for Transit, a publication that provides practical information on implementing and operating successful, real-time transit information systems. The report identifies the issues and challenges of providing real-time information to customers based upon transit agenciesí actual experiences. Furthermore, the report recommends practices in planning, procurement, implementation, operations, maintenance, and marketing. In addition, the report provides guidance on compliance with the National Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture and the use of ITS standards. Please take a moment to review this document on the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) web site.

By providing this valuable information, the FTA hopes to encourage and assist transit agencies in successfully implementing important traveler information systems. In addition to providing critical information during emergencies, real-time transit information improves customer service, increases customer satisfaction and convenience, helps to increase transit ridership, and improves visibility of transit in the community. Real-time transit information systems contribute to world-class public transportation and provide benefits that are an integral part of livable and thriving communities.

As a follow-on effort to this report and in order to continue to provide more useful data for decision-makers, we hope to initiate a project in Fiscal Year 2004 that will develop cost versus benefit data that will help operators make the business case for installing traveler information systems. We will look forward to working with the transit industry in the development of this additional information.

If you have any questions about this guidance document, please contact your regional office or call Brian Cronin, ITS Program Manager, Office of Research, Demonstration and Innovation, at (202) 366-8841.


Jennifer L. Dorn