Benefits of Transit

Number C-16-03

Dear Colleague:

We all know that capturing the many benefits of transit - from reducing congestion and saving energy to providing economic opportunity and independence for those who have no automobile - requires that people choose to ride transit. There is no single program or new idea will increase transit ridership in every community. Not only does transit service differ from community to community, but so do the needs and desires of riders and potential riders. Consequently, it is the challenging task of each transit agency to figure out what can and should be done to get more people in your community to choose transit.

Over the past several years, a substantial body of research and best practices have been produced that may help you in this effort. Many of you may have seen or heard about specific reports as they were produced; but, we think it's safe to say that the majority of transit agencies do not have most of this information at hand.

Enclosed you will find a compilation of research reports, case studies, and best practices, including a synopsis of each of the documents, that we believe could help you identify the roadblocks to ridership in your community and begin to remove those barriers. The topics covered include:

We hope this information is useful to you, your managers, and your board members. And, we look forward to working with you to meet the challenge of increasing transit ridership across the Nation.


Jennifer L. Dorn