Commuter Choice Primer

Number C-13-03

Dear Colleague:

At a time when transit agencies are working harder than ever to increase ridership, I am pleased to be able to share with you the enclosed publication, "Commuter Choice Primer - An Employer's Guide to Implementing Effective Commuter Choice Programs." It is intended to help you convince employers in your community to offer a Commuter Choice program to their employees. To further assist you in your outreach efforts, we have also enclosed a sample cover letter to employers that you can customize and include with the primer.

The primer provides an introduction to the full spectrum of program choices available to employers to encourage their employees to choose an alternative to driving alone during peak travel times. It explains basic Commuter Choice concepts and illustrates the benefits of the programs to both employers and employees.

Included at the back of the publication is a compact disk (CD) that contains Commuter Choice Decision Support System software, which should be especially valuable for employers. The CD guides an employer through the process of offering new commuter benefits to employees, and can be used to design a customized Commuter Choice program to meet their unique needs and circumstances.

I urge you to take another look at whether Commuter Choice is being utilized in your community as fully as it might be. In addition to sending personalized letters to employers, you may also want to distribute the publication at meetings, conferences, and other occasions when you meet with local employers.

For additional copies of the report, or if you have questions about Commuter Choice, please contact William B. Menczer, FTA's Office of Policy Development, at (202) 366-1698. The report is also available on the FTA website at: under "Commuter Choice."

Thank you for your continued hard work in helping to make transit America's "mode of choice."


Jennifer L. Dorn