Policy Letters 2003

  10/6/2003   Guidance for Developing and Deploying Real-Time Traveler Information Systems
  9/15/2003   Benefits of Transit
  8/13/2003   Supplemental New Starts Report for FY 2004
  8/4/2003   President's Management Agenda (PMA) and E-Grants
  8/8/2003   Commuter Choice Primer
  9/24/2003   Environmental Management System
  9/24/2003   Linking Planning and NEPA: Towards Streamlining Decisionmaking
  7/7/2003   New Starts Program re: Transportation System User Benefit (USUB) Measure
  6/20/2003   Circular 4220.1E--Third Party Contracting Requirements
  6/4/2003   Safety and Security
  5/20/2003   Rural Guide
  5/2/2003   Use of Federal Funds to Acquire Common Goods and Services Through Statewide Contracts or Interagency Agreements
  2/7/2003   Financial Management Oversight Seminars
  2/3/2003   Annual Report on New Starts--Proposed Allocations of Funds for Fiscal Year 2004
  1/2/2003   National ITS Architecture Consistency Policy for Transit Projects, Additional Grantee Guidance

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