Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program Workshop

Number C-00-09

U.S. Department
of Transportation
Federal Transit


400 Seventh St. S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20590

Dear Colleague:

You and members of your staff are invited to attend a one-day workshop for the Federal Transit Administrationís Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program. The JARC Program is designed to provide transportation services in urban, suburban and rural areas to assist welfare recipients and other low-income individuals in accessing employment opportunities. It is meant to serve as a catalyst for increased collaboration among the regional transportation providers, human service agencies and related service providers, employers, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), states, and affected communities and individuals. Although only in its second year of operation, the projects that were selected in Fiscal Year 1999 show great promise in fulfilling the goals of the program. Since the JARC Program is dynamic in its purpose, FTA has developed a one- day program that will address the following topics:

The technical assistance meeting is scheduled to take place at the Fritz Lanham Federal Building located at 819 Taylor Street in Fort Worth, TX, 76102 on Thursday, August 31 at 8:30 A.M. Registration will begin at 7:30 A.M. Since the meeting is being offered free of charge and space is limited, we are limiting the number of people who can attend from any one organization to three. Enclosed is a list of area hotels and a registration form. Please fill out the registration form and send it to the Community Transportation Association of America by Friday, August 18, 2000. To find out more information about the JARC Program, you can access our website or contact Mr. James Cox at (817) 978-0550 or Mr. Bill Wheeler at (202) 366-4204.


Nuria I. Fernandez
Acting Administrator

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