New Starts Roundtable Series (July 27-28, 2000)

Number C-00-08

U.S. Department
of Transportation
Federal Transit


400 Seventh St. S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20590

Dear Colleague:

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is sponsoring a New Starts Roundtable (NSR) series to facilitate continued dialogue and information sharing between FTA and local sponsors of projects pursuing discretionary Section 5309 New Starts funding. The NSR will provide a unique opportunity for FTA and the New Starts community to jointly explore and address issues related to the New Starts planning, project development, and evaluation processes. Like our long-standing Transit Construction Roundtable, we envision the NSR to be a true partnership, with full and equal participation of interested local agency staff.

I am very pleased to announce that the charter New Starts Roundtable will be held on July 27-28, 2000, at the US Department of Transportation Headquarters building in Washington, D.C. As a sponsor of a project currently in FTA’s New Starts pipeline - or of a study which may result in the selection of a major fixed guideway transit investment in the near future - I believe that your agency could benefit from joining the NSR and participating in this Roundtable meeting. Specifically, we are soliciting the participation of agency Planning Directors or Project/Study Managers to share their views of the New Starts criteria and project development process with their peers and FTA staff.

The enclosed flyer and registration form provides more information about the July 27-28 Roundtable meeting. Once again, I sincerely hope that your agency can be represented at this important event. If you have any questions about the Roundtable meeting--or about the NSR in general--please do not hesitate to contact Sean Libberton, FTA Office of Planning, at (202) 366-0055, or


Nuria I. Fernandez
Acting Administrator