Y2K Appreciation Letter

Number C-00-01

U.S. Department
of Transportation
Federal Transit


400 Seventh St. S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20590

Dear Colleague:

All of you did such a fine job ensuring that all systems were "GO" as we passed the millennium and moved forward into the New Year, that I wanted to take this opportunity to say a personal "thank you."

Your support and cooperation made the crucial difference in ensuring that the transit industry was prepared for Y2K. Because you took the precautions that you did and because of your leadership and dedication, the industry succeeded in accomplishing a monumental task; you are to be commended.

To those of you who spent your 1999 New Year’s Eve "on call" or in the office, may next New Year’s Eve be even more jubilant for you and yours. I know that you share the safety of the travelling public as a priority, as we at the U.S. Department of Transportation do, and your efforts were well rewarded in that operations were smooth during the transition.

I am proud of what you did, and I am proud of the efforts of the public servants at the Federal Transportation Administration who were responsible, too, for helping to ensure Y2K compliance. Working together, we did it—and it was worth it!


Nuria I. Fernandez
Acting Administrator