Policy Letters 2000

  12/5/2000   US Department of Labor Assistance to Reduce Time Required for Processing FTA Grants
  9/22/2000   Supplemental Report on New Starts
  9/29/2000   The Urbanized Area Formula Program and the Needs of Small Transit Intensive Cities
  9/20/2000   Design-Build and Design-Build-Operate-Maintain
  8/22/2000   Invitation to Attend One of the FY 2001 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Financial Management Systems Seminars
  8/9/2000   Invitation to Attend a One-Day Workshop for the Federal Transit Administration's Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program
  8/3/2000   Transit Real Estate Symposium 2000 (November 9 and 10)
  8/3/2000   2000 Bus Summit (October 19, 2000)
  8/11/2000   Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program Workshop
  6/9/2000   New Starts Roundtable Series (July 27-28, 2000)
  5/22/2000   Safety Efforts Re: Recommendations Related to the Use of Certain Types of Medications
  5/12/2000   Memorial Day "Moment of Remembrance" Observance
  3/10/2000   Fiscal Year 1999 "Statistical Summaries"
  3/10/2000   Fiscal Year 2000 Safety Action Plan
  3/6/2000   Annual Report on New Starts
  2/14/2000   Unveiling of the Commuter Choice Tool Kit
  2/8/2000   Y2K Appreciation Letter

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