Web Interface to the Transportation Electronic Award Management (TEAM) System

Number C-01-10

U.S. Department
of Transportation
Federal Transit


400 Seventh St. S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20590

Dear Colleague:

I would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the Web interface to the Transportation Electronic Award Management (TEAM) system that will be released on October l, 2001. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA)has created a new version of the TEAM system that will permit grantees to submit their grant information via the Internet. The new version is called TEAM-Web.

This latest version will provide you, the recipients of financial assistance, online access to the FTA information resources that support yor mission critical operations. You will have real time access to detailed disbursements by project, balances in formula budget accounts, and the status of applications in the award process. There is a new data entry feature that will streamline the submission of supporting documents by allowing you to attach files to an application or quarterly report. This feature will promote cost avoidance savings by reducing the staff time required to develop new applications requesting financial assistance. The new system has an email notification process that will increase the productivity of staff by forcing accountability when processing applications through the FTA and the Department of Labor.

I am proud to announce that the new system is more accessible because it uses the Internet, and for users who are currently using the TEAM system there are no new hardware requirements. Any computer workstation that is currently being used to access the TEAM system can be used to access the TEAM-Web system. And, we have not forgotten those smaller organizations that do not have access to the Internet. We have developed the new system to support older technologies that require the existing dial-up services.

The BETA test version of TEAM-Web has been available for testing by the user community since May 29, 2001. For your convenience, all current user information has been migrated to the Web version of TEAM. To review TEAM-Web, log on to your local Internet provider and enter the following Internet address: [http://FTATEAMWeb.fta.dot.gov].

I would like to personally thank those who have taken the opportunity to test the TEAM-Web with our development staff, and to thank you for your continued support in using TEAM to submit your grant information electronically.


Jennifer L. Dorn