Policy Letters 2001

  12/27/2001   FTA Grant Recipients Responsibilities Regarding Charter Bus Service
  12/27/2001   Innovative Service Strategies and Exploring New Partnerships
  12/6/2001   2001 Edition of the Federal Transit Administration's Supplemental Report on New Starts
  11/6/2001   Best Practices Procurement Manual Request for Comments and Contributions
  10/2/2001   Transit Safety and Security
  9/27/2001   Web Interface to the Transportation Electronic Award Management (TEAM) System
  9/23/2001   Invitation to Attend a Financial Management Oversight Seminar
  6/15/2001   Feedback on the Effectiveness of FTA's Third Party Contracting Requirements and Procurement Assistance Program
  5/25/2001   Transmittal of FTA's Annual Report on New Starts
  5/8/2001   Memorial Day "Moment of Remembrance" Observance
  5/1/2001   Grant Recipient Guidance Re: Construction Projects Affected by Executive Order 13202, Dated February 17, 2001
  3/30/2001   Buy America: Components of Rolling Stock
  3/28/2001   Enhancement Being Made to the Transportation Electronic Award Management (TEAM) System
  3/7/2001   Fiscal Year 2000 Statistical Summaries
  1/16/2001   Letter of Appreciation to Transit Industry

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