Financial Management Oversight Seminars

Number C-03-04

Dear Colleague:

I personally would like to invite you to attend one of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Financial Management Oversight Seminars that will be conducted during the spring and summer of 2004.

These seminars are a part of our ongoing oversight efforts to enhance and refine our grantees’ financial management systems to meet the standards established by the Common Rule. The seminar also covers the topics of Financial Capacity Assessments and the related financial plan requirements for grantees seeking New Start funding. The instructors will also lead a review of sound internal control principles, cost principles, cost allocation plans and business disaster recovery planning.

The two-day seminar is highly interactive and provides plenty of opportunity to network with your peers at other agencies and identify best practices for meeting Federal requirements. Participants will receive a comprehensive workbook as well as a CD with Reference Material, which is a compilation of circulars and regulations about program management requirements.

FTA encourages chief financial officers, internal auditors and financial, project and grant managers to take advantage of these seminars. In order to facilitate maximum opportunity for discussion and interaction, attendance at the seminars is limited to approximately 50 participants. I encourage you to complete and return the registration form as early as possible.


Jennifer L. Dorn