FL: $27.6 Million (ARRA Grant)

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Grants are being awarded as follows:

 The Sarasota County Transportation Authority: $4.6 million to purchase two hybrid buses, ITS equipment, and to fund a transfer facility.
 Lake County Board of County Commissioners: $180,067 for
operating assistance;
 Lakeland Area Mass Transit District: $3.9 million to purchase one 35-foot bus, bus shelters, operating assistance, miscellaneous bus equipment and construct a rehabilitation facility.
 The Jacksonville Transportation Authority: $9.3 million to purchase nine low-floor 40-foot buses; transit enhancement; facility improvements; bus shelter enhancements; rehabilitation/renovation of administrative and maintenance buildings; cooling systems for buses; park-and-ride lots; bus shelters and miscellaneous support equipment.
 Florida Department of Transportation: $3.1 million for purchase and installation of a metal structure to provide cover for vehicles; intercity bus terminal building and operating assistance;
 Martin County Board of County Commissioners: $1.2 million to purchase an administrative building and intermodal hub;
 Miami-Dade Transit Agency: $5.3 million to  purchase three 30-foot shuttle buses; two 30-foot minbuses; three 30-foot minibuses for circulator bus routes; bus shelters and operating assistance.