GA: $12.1 Million (ARRA Grant)

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Grants are being awarded as follows:

 Georgia Department of Transportation: $4.9 million to purchase 21 vans; 13 shuttle buses; two intercity buses; bus shelters; computer systems; automatic vehicle locators; mobile data; security cameras; communications systems; miscellaneous shop equipment; bus terminals and multimodal facility.
 Georgia Department of Transportation: $3.2 million for the purchase of six new buses, bus refurbishment, fare collection equipment; ITS equipment, and surveillance and security equipment;
 Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority: $2.3 million for operating assistance.
 Cobbs Community Transit: $244,880 will be used to fund the Cobb Community Transit paratransit facility and surveillance cameras.
 Henry County Board of Commissioners: $120,000 for construction of a lube shop and miscellaneous shop equipment;
 Georgia Regional Transportation Authority: $636,298 for operating assistance;
 Chatham Area Transit Authority: $449,039 for operating assistance;
 Cherokee County Commission: $4,761 for additional support to purchase miscellaneous communications equipment.
 Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners: $217,880 for operating assistance.