OH: $24.6 Million (ARRA Grant)

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 Ohio Department of Transportation: $9.2 million for transit facilities.
 Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority: $9.3 million for operating assistance and track rehabilitation in the Cleveland Metropolitan Area.
 Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority: $1 million for station rehabilitation and track upgrades in Cleveland.
 Central Ohio Transit Authority: $926,678 for Paratransit/Small Bus Facility construction.
 City of Middletown: $280,988 for operating assistance, ADA service, and shelters.
 Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority: $316,820 for renovation of a Transit Maintenance and Storage Facility in Kent.
Greene County Transit Board: $704,997 to purchase 10 buses; bus shelters and operating assistance.
 Licking County Transit Board: $216,355 will use to purchase three buses, communication & security equipment; bicycle racks for buses; resurfacing bus storage area and parking lot;
 City of Newark: $394,392 will use the funds to purchase four buses, computer equipment and software, and operating assistance. 
 Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority: $2.2 million for buses, operating expenses, a tire changer, preventative maintenance, and the Rockefeller Bridge demolition;
 The Lorain County Transit Board: $11,532 for operating assistance.