CA: $39.1 Million (ARRA Grant)

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The following grants are being awarded:

 City of Corona: $600,000 for bus replacement and bus stop amenities, purchase four 30-foot replacement CNG Dial-A-Ride vehicles and the purchase and installation of bus stop shelters, solar powered security lighting at bus stops, signage and related equipment.
 City of Davis: $1.0 million for the purchase of two 40-foot replacement buses.
 City of Riverside: $700,000 to purchase an automated farebox system for 26 vehicles.
 City of La Mirada: $111,200 for the purchase of bus security cameras and maintenance facility equipment.
 Antelope Valley Transit Authority: $10.2 million for the purchase of eleven hybrid buses, six service and support vehicles, and three commuter shuttles. Funds will also be used for modifications to a park-and-ride transfer center, solar-powered parking structures, and the installation of bus shelters and lighting at transfer centers in Lancaster.
 Yuba-Sutter Transit Authority: $128,459 for the purchase of three 35-foot buses.
 City of Norwalk: $2.3 million for preventative maintenance, transit station amenities and bus shelters.
 Foothill Transit: $21.4 million for the purchase of three 35-foot replacement buses, administrative facility renovations and support equipment.
 City of Santa Clarita: $2.8 million for AVL, rider information, smartcards for paratransit and security cameras.