MD: $15.2 Million - Statewide (ARRA Grant)

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The Maryland Transit Administration will use the funds for the following projects:

 Replacement of the two 25-year old elevators at the MARC BWI Station.
 Improvement to the heating system at the MARC Penn Station.
 Demolition of the bridge abutments, roadway, bridges, ramps, retaining walls, and grading in order to remove the unused elevated highway adjacent to the MARC West Baltimore Rail Station and prepare the site for expansion of surface parking.
 Improvements to lighting, tracks, and shop facilities at the MARC Martins Maintenance Facility to allow future overnight storage of train sets and increased utility of the facility for future railcar maintenance.
 Addition of two new traction power substations on the northern end of the MTA Light Rail Transit system (Gilroy Road and Industry Lane).
 Replacement of the existing public address system with an audible and visual real-time information system in all MTA-owned MARC train station.