CA: $58.2 Million - California Department of Transportation, Sacramento Regional Transit District and San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority (ARRA Grant)

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 California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) will receive $34 million for transit upgrades in rural communities. This grant is uses ARRA funding for the purchase of 105 buses, two vans, 11 automobiles, seven trolleys and one commuter vehicle. Funds will also be used to build and renovate facilities, as well as to purchase and install bus fare collection systems, computer hardware and software, signal and communications equipment, bus route signs and bus shelters, and to perform preventive maintenance.

 Sacramento Regional Transit District will receive $23 million to purchase 11 minivans to provide paratransit service and one 57-passenger diesel commuter bus, to retrofit and overhaul 13 light rail vehicles, and to replace an aging telephone and call recording system for the paratransit office, as well as for paratransit service operations and preventive maintenance.

 San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority will receive $1.2 million for three buses, preventive maintenance, electronic fare collection systems, bus stop improvements, and other vehicles and amenities.