CA: $237 Million - Statewide (ARRA Grant)

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City of Turlock: $1.5 million to fund construction of the transfer hub facility. This facility will augment a new compressed natural gas maintenance facility recently completed in Turlock.

City of Davis: $3.9 million to fund the replacement of nine 40-foot buses.

Riverside Transit Agency:  $17.4 million to provide for transit operations in Riverside County, including the purchase of benches, shelters, light poles and extensions, signs, trash receptacles, and other ancillary features that will enhance the safety and security of the bus stops and transit facilities.

City of Santa Monica Municipal Bus Lines: $14.3 million to purchase 15 alternative fuel replacement buses and 83 bus shelters.

City of Santa Rosa:  $4.2 million for paratransit services, solar bus shelters and partial funding of a 40 foot hybrid electric bus.

Victor Valley Transit Authority:  $3.4 million for the construction of an administration and maintenance facility in Apple Valley.

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority:  $47.5 million to purchase seventy-five 40-foot hybrid replacement buses and for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) bus stop improvements.

City of Benicia:  $132,000 to replace 12 existing bus shelters and upgrade the current fueling station.

City of San Luis Obispo: $1,023,660 an automatic vehicle locator passenger access internet, fare boxes and facility improvements.

Orange County Transportation Authority:  $76.8 million for preventive maintenance of the Orange County Transportation Authority fleet of 583 vehicles and four bus bases. The funds will also be used for capital cost of contracting for purchasing transit service and associated maintenance of 356 revenue vehicles. Funds will also be used to install fall protection cable systems and related modifications to increase work safety at maintenance bases, at 1717 Via Burton in Anaheim and Santa Ana, California.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: $66.7 million to continue the construction phase of the Eastside Light Rail Extension.