NC: $52.5 Million - Statewide (ARRA Grant)

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The City of Greenville: $1.5 million to purchase two low-floor 35-foot hybrid buses, an oil/water separator, benches, bus shelters and amenities for upgrades to bus stops and transfer points. The grant will also fund an updated identification card system and a storage building for transit equipment and supplies.

Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority (CFPTA) in Wilmington: $2.5 million to purchase two 35-foot hybrid low-floor replacement buses, two vans, two hybrid support vehicles, bus shelters, and a variety of equipment. Funds will also be used to construct an access road to the new CFPTA Central Transfer and Administration Facility and to support environmental review and design of an operations and maintenance facility.

The City of Concord: $1.3 million to fund an automatic vehicle location/global positioning satellite system for complete tracking of 10 buses, including hardware, software, and training. Automated electronic fareboxes will be purchased for 10 buses and one spare. Funds will also be used to purchase two non-revenue service vans.

The City of Asheville: $2.6 million to purchase eight low-floor buses, one van, and 10 bus shelters.

The City of Fayetteville: $3.1 million to purchase five hybrid-electric 35-foot replacement buses.

The Town of Chapel Hill: $2.7 million to purchase two replacement 40-foot hybrid-electric buses, eight replacement lift-equipped vans, and one replacement maintenance truck. Funds will also be used to purchase bus shelters and benches, and software and hardware for a new fleet inventory system.

The City of Durham: $4.3 million to fund preventive maintenance, painting of 30 fixed-route buses, the purchase of 15 paratransit replacement vans, and the purchase of nine paratransit expansion vans. Funds will also be used to install a 1,200 square foot storage shed, to purchase 20 bus shelters, and a Real-Time Bus Arrival/AVL/GPS hardware and related software system.

The City of Charlotte: $20.8 million for the renovation and expansion of Charlotte Area Transit Authorityís (CATS) North Davidson Facility. Funds will also be used to develop a new administration, operations, and maintenance facility for CATS Special Transportation Service.

The Western Piedmont Regional Transit Authority in Hickory: $2.5 million to purchase three 28-foot, low-floor, accessible bio-diesel buses, three 22-foot lift-equipped hybrid-electric buses, and one van conversion with lift. Funds will also be used to re-brand five 35-foot buses and up to 50 vans and light transit vehicles, and to purchase and install 350 new bus stops, a ticket vending machine, surveillance video cameras, 35 mobile data computers, 38 fareboxes, and other equipment.

Goldsboro/Wayne Transportation Authority: $885,922 to purchase one 35-foot replacement bus, one 35-foot expansion bus, bus shelter and bus stop signs, electronic fare boxes, security cameras and radios.

Triangle Transit Authority in Durham and Raleigh: $2.8 million to purchase five 40-foot replacement buses and three paratransit replacement vans. Funds will also be used for a real-time bus arrival system, the re-paving of the bus and operations maintenance facility, and various passenger amenities at high-use bus stops.

The City of Raleigh: $7.6 million to purchase a 23 acre site for the construction of Capital Area Transitís (CAT) new Operations and Maintenance Facility. The facility will have training rooms, 125 bus maintenance building and have a park and ride lot adjacent to the facility.