CA: $65 Million - Throughout State (ARRA Grants)

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The City of Fairfield: $3.1 million to purchase nine buses and to replace engines in commuter coaches to extend their useful lives and achieve higher emission reductions. Fairfield will also use funds to support preventive maintenance and install new farebox counters.

The Cities of Lodi and Galt: $2 million to purchase two 40-foot buses and make other transit improvements, including security enhancements and purchase and installation of bus shelters.

The Redding Area Bus Authority: $1.7 million to purchase nine paratransit replacement vans, three 40-foot buses and for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit services.

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District: $25.7 million for preventive maintenance and as operating funds for ADA paratransit services for period of two months.

Long Beach Public Transportation Company: $16.5 million to rehabilitate buses and upgrade a bus maintenance facility, and add bus stop amenities at as many as 194 bus stops.

The City of Gardena: $3.6 million to replace six 40-foot hybrid buses.

Sunline Transit Agency in Riverside County: $4.7 million for two bus bays, 50 bus shelters and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) equipment on all its buses.

The City of Simi Valley: $2 million to purchase 26 replacement shelters and three 40-foot replacement, low-floor buses.

Gold Coast Transit in Oxnard: $4.4 million to purchase of eight 35-foot expansion buses and to upgrade the electronic fare collection system and allow the sale of multi-trip or day passes on-board the bus and allow pre-paid passes to be validated on the bus. Funds will also be used for four replacement supervisory vehicles.

City of Porterville: $1.3 million to purchase two 35-foot compressed natural gas replacement buses, one 35-foot compressed natural gas expansion bus and for rehabilitative maintenance to its transit facility, and to the City of Gardena to purchase six 40-foot hybrid gasoline-electric replacement buses.