WA: $70.5 Million - Throughout State (ARRA Grants)

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City of Everett: $1.3 million  for preventive maintenance and transit stop enunciators. The enunciators will provide automatic passenger counters, two-way communication between dispatch and operators, and automatic vehicle locators will track real-time information.

Sound Transit: $44 million as part of the existing Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) for the University Link light rail project.  To date, FTA has awarded $19.6 million of New Starts funding for this project. This grant advances funds that would have been awarded in 2016, thus saving financing costs that would otherwise have been incurred on the project and freeing up local funds for other construction projects in the area. 

Spokane Transit Authority: $10.6 million to purchase ten hybrid electric transit coaches and thirteen buses.  In addition, these funds will enable STA to upgrade their existing security systems at major transit facilities, including park-and-ride lots.  The grant will also provide for the enhancement of bus shelters, signage, and pedestrian access for persons with disabilities and preventive maintenance programs. 

Washington State Department of Transportation: $14.3 million for 11 rural transit providers in the State of Washington, including one Native American Tribe.  The funding will allow the state to purchase sixteen buses, four vans, and thirty-five bus shelters.  In addition, these funds will allow the various providers to construct maintenance and operations facilities and upgrade their communications equipment.

Asotin County:  $318,847 to purchase four much needed ADA buses.