Title VI and Title VI-Dependent Guidelines for FTA Recipients

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On April 13, 2007, FTA issued Circular 4702.1A, "Title VI and Title VI-Dependent Guidelines for Federal Transit Administration Recipients."  This circular provides recipients and subrecipients of FTA financial assistance with guidance and instructions necessary to carry out the U.S. Department of Transportation's Title VI regulations (49 CFR part 21) and to integrate into their programs and activities considerations expressed in the Department’s Order on Environmental Justice (Order 5610.2), and Policy Guidance Concerning Recipients’ Responsibilities to Limited English Proficient (“LEP”) Persons (70 FR 74087, December 14, 2005).

This Circular is effective May 13, 2007. 

NOTE: This page is being redesigned to display the circular in its entirety. We plan to break out the document in chapter sequence and include hyperlinks to facilitate searches and easier access to subject matter and select sections. In the interim, the complete FTA Circular C 4702.1A is being made available for your convenience in the following two formats. PDF and Word