FTA and Earth Day

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Bringing cleaner, greener transportation choices to Americans everywhere to help our nation achieve a secure and sustainable energy future.

Creating Green, Sustainable Communities

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The Obama Administration has successfully pioneered a new approach to helping local communities plan a greener, more sustainable future. The Partnership for Sustainability coordinates federal resources to help urban, suburban, and rural communities improve access to affordable housing, increase transportation options, and lower household transportation costs while protecting the environment.

Spurring Innovation for a Clean-Energy Future

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FTA is committed to helping American innovators develop and test new technologies to power public transportation vehicles for the next generation, while supporting the transit industry’s ability to put new, clean-fuel vehicles on the road to reduce our dependence on oil and reduce harmful emissions. Together, we’re reducing transit’s carbon footprint and fostering a healthier environment.

Providing Leadership on Climate Change and our Environment

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FTA works with public transportation providers and other key stakeholders to implement strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also leading the charge to help the transit industry prepare for and adapt to the very real effects of climate change, from destructive floods and hurricanes to record-setting heat waves that take a toll on equipment and deprive riders of service.

Transit & the Great Outdoors

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Preserving and enhancing access to America’s greatest natural treasures—our national parklands and protected areas—is vitally important to ensuring that people of all ages and abilities may enjoy these places today, and that future generations can enjoy them tomorrow. FTA’s commitment to transit in parks ranges from support for vans and shuttles to bike paths and historic rail stations.

Alternative Transportation and Your Health

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Walking or biking to the light rail station, the corner streetcar, or the bus stop reflects the compelling connection between physical fitness and our transportation systems. Evidence clearly shows that people who incorporate transit into their routines tend to be fitter than others. Clearly, as communities add more transit, and intertwine them with bike paths and walking trails, the opportunities to move more—and get or stay healthy—increase, and our neighborhoods become more desirable.

Sustainable Transportation Projects
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FTA’s Workforce Embraces
Clean, Green Transit
In 2011, 87% of all FTA employees used transit to get to and from work.

Transit vs. Driving:
Your choice affects our environment.

Carbon Calculator to find out how to reduce emissions

Find out how you can reduce harmful emissions by taking transit instead of driving.