Photo Gallery - Region 10

Region 10 serves: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.

White articulated hybrid bus with rolling blue wave design below windows
Articulated Hybrid Bus
Buses at transit center parked next to overhanging canopy
Buses Picking Up Passengers
Articulated bus parked in front of library
Lane Transit District - Articulated bus
Passenger carries bicycle from platform into bus
Lane Transit District - Boarding EmX (bus rapid transit line) with a bicycle
Boy stands with hands against windowsill to peer outside
Lane Transit District - Boy on bus
Bus enters bus only lane
Lane Transit District - EmX (bus rapid transit line)
Woman listening to hand-held device leans against pole at station while awaiting bus
Lane Transit District - EmX (bus rapid transit) Station
Passengers line up to board bus at station
Lane Transit District - Eugene Station
Bus parks at bus stop as students walk or wait nearby
Lane Transit District - University of Oregon Station in Eugene
Aerial view of tracks dividing into multiple segments that lead into maintenance facility
Light Rail Maintenance Facility
Walkway stretches over bus roundabout at station
Pierce Transit Tacoma Dome Station
Courthouse Square building complex at intersection of Salem streets
Salem Courthouse Square
Seahawk train pulls into Auburn Station with Seattle Seahawks emblem on lead engine car
Seahawk Train
Parking garage outside station with station sign in landscaped area
Tacoma Dome Station Exterior
 Light rail and commuter rail trains run parallel with a block of buildings in between. A bus runs perpendicular, preparing to cross the light rail tracks.
Three Modes of Transportation
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