Vehicles Purchased vs. Total Vehicles

The Statistical Summaries have many tables that display the number of vehicles acquired for a particular FTA program for bus and rail.  With respect to rail there are fewer vehicles funded across fewer programs and all of that information is captured in 2 tables (11A and 11B).

Compiling or displaying the vehicle statistics for bus is slightly more complicated.  A vehicle expenditure under the bus category can be classified as the following:

  • Purchase – Replacement
  • Purchase – Expansion
  • Rehabilitation / Rebuild
  • Lease – Replacement
  • Lease – Expansion

In the FY 2012 and prior-year statistical summaries, Table 10A (Motor Vehicle Purchases by Type and Program) represents only vehicles purchased for fleet expansion or fleet replacement.  Data on FTA funds used for vehicle leases, or vehicle rehabilitation/rebuild are not included in this table.

“Spare Parts / Associated Capital Maintenance Items” are included in FTA’s vehicle expenditure category, however this data is not included in statistical summary data on the number of buses purchased However there may be some instances were “Spare Parts / Associated Capital Maintenance Items” is included in the total amount of FTA funds associated with bus purchases but not for the total vehicle number.  This information is also noted at the bottom of each table.

Other Statistical Summary tables historically have included data on FTA funding for vehicles and    this includes all of the categories listed above.  Table 24 (FY 2012 Obligations for Clean Fuels Program) is an example.  This is noted at the bottom of each table that contains vehicles as part of the expenditure.