TOD Resources and Training

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Flexible Funding: FTA offers several flexible funding programs to fund transit related activities. Flexible funds are certain legislatively specified funds that may be used either for transit or highway purposes.

Transportation, Community and System Preservation: A Federal Highway jointly administered grant to investigate the relationships between transportation, community, and system preservation plans and practices and identify private sector-based initiatives to improve such relationships.

Transportation Enhancements: FTA's Urbanized Area Formula Grant Program requires at least 1% of funding to be used for transit enhancements. Transit enhancement activities might include landscaping, public art, bus shelters, bicycle access and storage facilities, signage, access for persons with disabilities, and historic preservation.

Bike and Pedestrian (PDF): Funding from FTA grant programs can be used for bicycle facilities and access; and pedestrian related enhancements connected to transit facilities. Learn more about bicycle and pedestrian opportunities through FTA and FHWA, or about bicycle and pedestrian best practices guidance for state and local governments.


Transportation Planning Capacity Building (TPCB): Jointly administered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Highway Administration (FHWA), with assistance from the U.S. DOT's Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, TPCB products and services provide information, training, and technical assistance to the transportation professionals responsible for planning for the capital, operating, and maintenance needs of transportation systems in urban and rural communities.

NTI Courses

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