Financial and Milestone Progress Reports

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Subject:  Financial and Milestone Progress Reports
Program Area:  Oversight & Program Mgmt.
Date:  October 4, 2012

To:  All Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region 8 Grantees

Re:  Annual Federal Financial and Milestone Progress Reports for all Grantees with active Grants

Dear Grantees:

This is a reminder to all grantees with active grants.  You have until October 30th, 2012 to enter annual/fourth quarter FY12 Federal Financial and Milestone Progress Reports into TEAM.

These reports are a Federal requirement and each grantee certifies, per FTA’s Master Agreement and Annual Certifications and Assurance, they will comply with all applicable Federal Statutes, regulations, executive orders, FTA circulars and other Federal requirements.  Future draw downs and grant awards could be delayed if reports are not completed on time and accurately.  We appreciate your promptness and your attention to these requirements.

To enable you to enter this information correctly, we have attached guidance to assist you in filling out these reports.  Please contact the appropriate FTA staff, noted below; if you have any questions on entering this data.

If you have further questions, please contact Ms. Donna Douville, Region 8, at 720-963-3332, or the appropriate point of contact listed below for your geographic location.

Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota grantees:            
            Ryan Hammon, 720-963-3336 or

State DOTs and Tribal grantees:
            Jennifer Stewart, 720-963-3317 or

ARRA grants:
            Ryan Hammon, 720-963-3336 or

RTD and Wyoming grants:
            Tim Sullivan, 720-963-3311 or

Colorado Grantees:
            Tiffany Gallegos, 720-963-3312 or


Linda M. Gehrke
Regional Administrator

        1.   Federal Financial Report Checklist (see PDF version)
        2.   Milestone progress Reports Checklist (see PDF version)