Federal Transit Adminstration Enviromental Regulations

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Subject:  Federal Transit Administration Environmental Regulations 

Program Area:  Environmental

Date: February 8, 2013  

Dear Region 8 Grantees: 

The Federal Administration published a Federal Register Notice to announce a Final Rule adopting changes to the Environmental Impact and Related Procedures regulation at 23 CFR Part 771 and 49 CFR Part 622.

Four significant changes have been made to the FTA Regulations by this Final Rule: (1) The creation of ten new Categorical Exclusions to be located in a newly proposed section of the regulation at 23 CFR 771.118; (2) the expansion of public involvement methods to include electronic means; (3) the addition of language on early scoping into the regulations; and (4) a modification to the list of project types that normally result in the preparation of an EIS.

The FTA Federal Register announcement is available at:

Additional guidance on the Final Rule is available at:

Please contact David Beckhouse with any questions you may have at 720-963-3306.


Linda M. Gehrke
Regional Administrator