Project Descriptions in FTA Grant Applications

Printer Friendly Number 2013-04


Subject:  Project Descriptions in FTA Grant Applications

Program Area:  Grant Development

Date:  February 8, 2013

Dear Region 8 Grantees:

This Region 8 Bulletin is to remind you of the required project information to be included in all FTA grant applications in TEAM.  It is important that grant applications include all the relevant detail since many people who require ready access to grant information in TEAM rely on the information in TEAM.

This information may be entered in the Project Details section of the Project Information area for many grants with a limited number of line items.  In more detailed applications, grantees should use the Extended Budget Descriptions available in the Budget area so that descriptions are linked to specific line items.  Grantees are also encouraged to attach electronic copies of any relevant documentation (NEPA documentation and approval, STIP listings, etc.) in TEAM.

Attached to this Bulletin is a Word Document with sample project description language for many common FTA projects.  Please use these examples as a guide when putting future grants or grant amendments into TEAM.  The sample language can be modified as needed, and your project descriptions can be expanded or reduced as appropriate, but should be used as a reference for the type of detail that Region 8 will be looking for.

Attachment: Project Description Language (MS Word)

Please contact David Beckhouse with any questions you may have at 720-963-3306.


Linda M. Gehrke
Regional Administrator