Dorval Carter: Acting Deputy Administrator

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Dorval Ronald Carter, Jr. is now serving as the Acting Deputy Administrator for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). He was appointed as the Federal Transit Administration's 14th Chief Counsel by the Obama Administration on November 2, 2009. As the chief legal officer, he advised the FTA Administrator on a broad range of legal issues including appropriations, emergency operations, procurement, grants, ethics, personal and real property, labor protection, innovative finance, personnel, legislation, regulations, and litigation. He also coordinated with and provided support to the Department of Transportation's General Counsel on legal matters concerning the federal transit program.

Prior to his appointment as Chief Counsel, he served for nine years as the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of the Chicago Transit Authority, including serving as its acting president. From 1998 to 2000 he was FTA's Assistant Chief Counsel for Legislation and Regulations, and from 1991 to 1998 he was FTA's Regional Counsel in Region 5. He began his legal career with the CTA, where he held various positions including staff attorney, legal assistant to the General Attorney, Acting General Attorney, and Deputy General Attorney for Corporate Law.

He is a member of the Transportation Research Board's Group Four Council and the TRB's Committee on Transit and Intermodal Transportation Law. He is a Senior Fellow on the Council for Excellence in Government Fellow Program and a member of the Board of Directors for Saint Anthony Hospital. A graduate of Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, he also holds a Juris Doctor from Howard University School of Law and is a member of the Illinois and Federal Bars.

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Acting Deputy Administrator Dorval Carter
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