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ARRA Grants

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Manley Village Council $140,000 Purchase one 35ft. bus.

State Total




Alabama Department of Transportation
State of Alabama
$7,040,547 Purchase 3 replacement vans, 3 expansion vans;, Eng. & Design for two facilities.; Renovation of a bus facility.; Construction of a new bus facility; Real Estate Acquisition.; Preventive Maintenance.; Operating  Assistance; Purchase 11 35ft. Intercity buses
Alabama Department of Transportation
State of Alabama
$1,023,565 Acquisition/rehabilitation of parking facility; Operating assistance

State Total




Arizona Department of Transportation
State of Arizona
$2,166,936 Park & ride lots; administration buildings.; vehicle storage lot
Yuma Metropolitan Planning Org./Transportation Planning $14,991 Additional ARRA Funding to complete installation of card-readers in every MSTII (MB) vehicle
City of Phoenix $14,969,916 Purchase of 2 buses; Construction of four park and ride lots and Operating assistance

State Total




Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District $6,682,626 Preventive Maintenance
Central Contra Costa Transit Authority $1,107,398 Preventive Maintenance
City of Fairfield $172,340 Install 63 fare boxes
City of Fresno $1,200,000 Operating Assistance
City of La Mirada $63,287 Bus security cameras and maintenance equipment
City of Manteca $649,009 Bus Passenger Amenities
City of Montebello $1,925,000 Purchase 3 40ft. CNG replacement buses; Operating assistance.
City of Modesto $35,500 Preventive Maintenance
City of Santa Clarita $2,385,864 Construction of Two Transit Parking Facilities
City of Turlock $194,532 Bus transfer hub facility
City of Union City $77,123 Purchase of 2 35ft. buses
City of Santa Rosa $983,249 Purchase 2 Hybrid Electric Buses
City of Simi Valley $1,024,049 Garage modernization, ADA operations, and a wheelchair scale
City of Vacaville $527,655 Vacaville Intermodal Station
City of Fairfield $788,484 Purchase 6 35ft. repl. buses
City of Vacaville $115,330 Purchase 14 electronic fare boxes
City of Vallejo $439,212 Vallejo Multimodal Station
City of Vallejo $2,009,466 Vallejo Station
Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority $1,054,888 Preventive maintenance; Bus Lifts; parking lot repairs
Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, San Rafael $244,279 Replacement of Bus Wash Equipment
Livermore-Amador Valley Transit Authority $799,046 Preventive Maintenance
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority $69,776 Metro Blue Line traction power substation
Municipal Transportation Agency/City and County of San Francisco $18,221,874 Rebuild LRVs and preventive maintenance
Napa County Transportation Planning Agency $721,312 Bus Rehab and Shop Equipment
Orange County Transportation Authority $500,000 Purchase 3 35ft. AFI replacement buses for the City of Laguna Beach
Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco Counties) $2,684,596 San Mateo Bridges Replacement Project
Sacramento Regional Transit District $488,000 Purchase six replacement minivans; Operating Assistance
Sonoma County Transit $488,161 Replace 1 40ft. CNG Bus
Southern California Regional Rail Authority $4,675,477 Rehab Track, Positive Train Control, Keller Yard storage, Central Maintenance Facility Guard, Insurance.
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District $16,972,052 BART- Railcar and Station Equipment Improvements
San Mateo County Transit District $2,045,371 Preventive Maintenance; purchase 2 40ft. repl. buses and 2 35ft. replacement buses.
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority $12,251,784 Purchase of 20 40ft. buses
Western Contra Costa Transit Authority $197,637 Preventive Maintenance and Generator Purchase

State Total




Colorado Department of Transportation $2,152,195 Purchase 2 expansion buses; 1 replacement bus; 1 van. Rebuild 2 buses; equipment; operating assistance
City of Colorado Springs $4,238,893 Purchase 3 support maintenance vehicles., 30 paratransit vans; construction administration facilities renovate passenger facilities.; security equip.; bus stop enhancements; operating assistance

State Total




Connecticut Department of Transportation $237,778 Marlborough Park and Ride Lot Improvements

State Total




District of Columbia

Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority $1,605,000 Preventive Maintenance Costs

State Total




Sarasota County Transportation Authority $4,618,693 Purchase 2 35ft. hybrid buses; ITS, equipment; Transfer Facility
Lake County Board of County Commissioners $180,067 Operating Assistance
Lakeland Area Mass Transit District $3,928,562 Purchase 1 35ft. bus; bus shelters; operating assistance; misc. bus equip.; construct rehab facility
Florida Department of Transportation $3,063,695 Purchase and installation of a metal structure to provide cover to vehicles; Intercity Bus Terminal Building; Operating assistance
Jacksonville Transportation Authority $9,313,745 Purchase 9 low-floor 40ft. repl. buses; transit enhancement; Facility Improvements; Bus shelter enhancements; Rehab/Renovation Admin. & Maintenance buildings.; Cooling systems for buses; Park and ride lots; Bus shelters; Misc. Bus support equip.
Martin County Board of County Commissioners $1,199,564 Administrative bldg./intermodal hub
Miami-Dade Transit Agency $5,255,528 Purchase 3 30ft. shuttle buses; 2 30ft. mini-buses; 3 30ft. minibuses for circulator bus routes; bus shelters; Operating Assistance

State Total




Cobb County Community Transit $244,880 Additional funds for Cobb Community Transits paratransit facility and Surveillance cameras.
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Agency $2,260,703 Operating Assistance
Henry County Board of Commissioners $120,000 Construction of a Lube Shop; misc. shop equip.
Georgia Department of Transportation – Office of Intermodal Programs $3,233,800 Purchase 1 40ft. replacement bus, 3  replacement buses and 2 expansion buses; bus refurbishing, fare collection equip., ITS equip., surveillance and sec. equip.
Georgia Regional Transportation Authority $636,298 Operating Assistance
Georgia Department of Transportation – Office of Intermodal Programs $4,887,532 Purchase 21 Vans, 13 Shuttle Buses, and 2 Intercity Buses. Bus shelters; Computers systems, Automatic Vehicle Locator/Mobile Data, Security cameras, Communications System; misc. shop equip; Bus terminals; multimodal facility
Chatham Area Transportation Authority $449,039 Operating assistance
Cherokee County Commission $4,761 Additional support to purchase Miscellaneous Communications Equipment
Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners $217,880 Operating assistance

State Total




Keyline Bus System, East Dubuque $44,139 Purchase 4 Mobile Data Terminals
Des Moines Regional Transit Authority $1,300,000 Purchase 5 replacement buses; Admin./Maintenance Facility.; Misc. shop equipment; Operating Assistance

State Total




Kootenai County $720,202 Acquisition of 7 40ft. replacement buses; 6 30ft. replacement buses; 1 expansion bus.

State Total




City of DeKalb $5,063 Purchase a new Radio system
Commuter Rail Division of Regional Transportation Authority $122,165 Bridge rehabilitation and/or reconstruction on the Union Pacific North Line
Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District $1,250,493 Renovation of admin/maintenance  facility
State of Illinois Dept. of Transportation $9,725,615 Rural Transit Facility Improvements

State Total




City of Columbus/Columbus Transit $888,815 Construction of Transfer Facility
Gary Public Transit Corporation $725,000 Operating Assistance
Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission $216,000 Centralized scheduling and dispatching center
City of Anderson $1,550,513 Replace one 30ft. diesel bus; two replacement gas vans; three support vehicles; operating assistance
City of Kokomo $1,089,206 Transit Operations Control Center; 2 buses; operating assistance
Indiana Department of Transportation $7,644,142 Construction and renovation of administration/maintenance facilities
Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission $1,669,770 Purchase 3 repl. vans, 1 expansion van; renovate bus station; miscellaneous bus support equip.; transit enhancements.

State Total




Kansas Department of Transportation $4,552,177 Vehicles, Riley Co. Facility, Bus Shelters, Bus Stop Signs, Misc. Equip

State Total




Transit Authority of River City (Louisville) $247,300 Purchase 2 replacement buses; 2  expansion buses and miscellaneous support equip.

State Total




Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development $6,049,867 Miscellaneous Equipment; 4 50 passenger Inter City Buses; Bus Storage Facilities.
St. Tammany Parish Government $1,000,000 Construction of Hwy 434 Park & Ride.

State Total




Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority $199,947 Repair and Replacement of Ornamental Fencing at the Attleboro Commuter Rail Station
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority $54,110,000 Operating Assistance and State of Good Repair Improvements to the MBTA’s Rapid Transit Network
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority $13,900,000 Improvements to Ashmont Station.
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority $90,000 Enhanced Security Camera System
Massachusetts Department of Transportation $1,565,804 Rural Operating Assistance, procurement of 2 45ft. intercity coaches, 1 25ft. hybrid bus, AVL equipment, operating assistance.
Southeastern Regional Transit Authority $2,607,985 Operating Assistance and Procurement of 8 30ft. repl. buses

State Total




Maryland Transit Administration (Baltimore) $2,874,205 Additional funds for MARC Public Address System
Maryland Transit Administration (Rural areas) $1,987,757 Purchase 3 replacement buses; 4 expansion buses and 2 45ft. intercity buses
Maryland Transit Administration (Statewide) $4,354,111 Facility renovations.; preventive maintenance; shop equipment, parking lot construction
Maryland Transit Administration (Baltimore) $17,100,000 Bus Loop Pavement Reconstruction at MTA's Mondawmin Transit Center; Heating and Ventilation upgrades; Light rail yard switches upgrade; Replacement/Overhaul of 24 Light Rail Substation circuit breakers

State Total




Michigan Department of Transportation $167,820 Modify buses with mini-hybrid components.
Michigan Department of Transportation $524,072 Purchase 1 replacement Van; 2 expansion vans; facility improvements; bus shelters; miscellaneous support equipment.
Detroit Department of Transportation $18,875,500 Purchase 42 40ft. low-floor diesel replacement buses and 4 40ft. low-floor hybrid electric replacement buses; operating assistance
Michigan Department of Transportation $12,443,615 Purchase 3  40ft., 4 35ft., 5 30ft., 28  replacement buses; Facility renovations; Miscellaneous support equipment; Operating Assist.
Ann Arbor Transportation Authority $2,290,056 Renovate/improve a transfer center; Expand bus storage capacity; Improve safety and accessibility of bus stops; Operating Assistance
Battle Creek Transit System $318,8889 Construction of a new off-street bus island facility for Battle Creek Transit's buses

State Total




Minnesota DOT Office of Transit $510,000 Transit Hub/Park-n-Ride Lot Red Wing,
Minnesota DOT Office of Transit $600,000 Web Base Routing, Automatic Vehicle Locators, and Hardware.
Minnesota DOT Office of Transit $1,380,588 Modify buses with mini-hybrid components.

State Total




Missouri Department of Transportation $4,904,603 Construction of two facilities and purchase of two intercity vehicles
Kansas City Area Transportation Authority $1,820,424 Preventive Maintenance, Shelters and Operating Assistance.
Kansas City Area Transportation Authority $1,092,881 City of Lee Summit Commuter Lot Improvements

State Total




City of Hattiesburg, Department of Urban Development $492,447 Customer Service Kiosk; Route Match Software; GPS equipment; Miscellaneous support equipment; operating assistance.

State Total



North Carolina

City of Fayetteville $31,290 ADA accessible sidewalks.
City of High Point $397,579 Operating Assistance & Misc Comm. Equipment
City of Greenville $99,000 Surveillance equipment
Western Piedmont Regional Transit Authority $138,568 Operating Assistance
Goldsboro/Wayne Transportation Authority $90,000 Operating Assistance
Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority $138,568 Operating Assistance
Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation $2,553,823 Park and Ride lots; Purchase 3 40ft. expansion buses and 2 expansion buses
North Carolina Department of Transportation $8,081,515 Purchase 10 40ft. buses; 13 park and ride lot facilities.; construct 2 Administrative Buildings; Bus Storage lot; Renovate facility; signage

State Total




Nebraska Department of Roads $4,629,554 Construction of Six Maintenance/Admin. Facilities

State Total



New Hampshire

Manchester Transit Authority $92,282 Operating Assistance/24 Bus Bicycle Racks
Greater Derry-Salem Cooperative Alliance for Regional Transportation $14,975 Operation Assistance
Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation $67,282 Operating Assistance
University of New Hampshire $38,000 Dispatch/fleet communications system; New upgraded radios; miscellaneous support equip.
City of Nashua $67,282 Operating Assistance
New Hampshire Department of Transportation $502,769 Purchase 1 replacement bus; 1 expansion bus; additional funding admin./maintenance facility miscellaneous equipment; operating assistance

State Total



New Jersey

New Jersey Transit Corporation $52,403,812 Purchase 114 expansion buses; track renovations; Intermodal Terminals; signal systems misc. support equip.

State Total




Nevada Department of Transportation $2,060,188 Purchase 2 replacement buses, 1 commuter replacement bus; Miscellaneous  support equip.

State Total



New York

Central New York Regional Transportation Authority $168,550 Purchase and install 21 replacement bus passenger shelters
Chemung County Transit System $460,000 Purchase 1  40ft. Bus and Scheduling Software
New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority $5,748,905 Purchase 14  40ft. CNG replacement buses
New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority $4,396,596 Rail repair and rehab work at 5 stations
New York State DOT $3,245,850 Purchase 20 replacement buses; 1 35ft. expansion bus; intercity replacement buses; Bus Passenger Shelters; Misc Support Equipment; Bus Route Signs.
Orange County $1,686,778 Operating Assistance
City of Poughkeepsie $1,400,154 Design/Engineer work for transit hub project; Miscellaneous Communication equip.; Misc. electric/power equip.; mobile fare collection equip.; prev. maintenance. operating assistance.
Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority $6,351,718 Purchase 8 40ft. low-floor/heavy-duty diesel transit buses; Renovation of RTS Campus Facility.
Tompkins County $2,175,000 Purchase 6 40ft. replacement buses; surveillance and sec. equip.

State Total




Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority $9,346,772 Operating Assistance and Track Rehab
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority $1,022,509 Station Rehab & Track Upgrades
Central Ohio Transit Authority $926,678 Paratransit/Small Bus Facility Construction
City of Middletown $280,988 Operating Assistance, ADA Service, & Shelters
Portage Area Regional Transit Authority $316,820 Renovation of Transit Maintenance and Storage Facility
Lorain County Transit Board $11,532 Operating Assistance
Greene County Transit Board $704,997 Purchase 10 replacement buses; bus shelter and operating assistance.
Licking County Transit Board $216,355 Purchase of 3 expansion buses, communication & security equipment; bicycle racks for buses; resurfacing bus storage area/parking lot
City of Newark $394,392 Purchase 4 expansion buses; computer equipment & software; operating assistance
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority $2,150,816 Purchase 3 replacement. buses; Operating Expenses; Tire Changer; Preventive Maintenance; Rockefeller Bridge Demolition
Ohio Department of Transportion $9,197,000 Transit Facilities

State Total




Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority $3,950,000 Purchase 9 35ft. and 3 40ft. repl. buses; Rehab Admin./Maintenance.; ADA Paratransit Svc.
City of Lawton $17,501 Purchase One Van and Cost Under Runs

State Total




Tri-County Metropolitan Transit Distirct of Oregon (Portland) $4,250,000 Construct the Willow Creek pocket track light rail line; Replace underground storage tanks; Install wayside horns on commuter rail line; Install replacement bicycle locker units
Lane Transit District (Eugene) $64,678 500 bus stop signs and poles along bus routes
Salem Area Mass Transit District $1,314,353 Operating Expenses and Transit Centers
Oregon Department of Transportation $38,400,000 Purchase two high-speed passenger rail train sets for use in commuter rail service

State Total




Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (Malvern) $12,475,988 Renovations to SEPTA's Malvern Station
Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority $1,686,820 Preventive Maintenance & Security Equipment
Cumberland-Dauphin-Harrisburg Transit Authority $2,035,039 Purchase four 40 ft. Buses and Bus Shelters
York County Transportation Authority $2,430,794 Administrative/Maintenance Facility Property Acquisition

State Total



Puerto Rico

Municipality of Arecibo $675,000 2 Trolleys; 2 paratransit vehicles; 32 Shelters
Municipality of Camuy $474,949 Purchase 2 20ft. repl. vans and 2 40ft. 25 passenger exp. trolleybuses; preventative maintenance
Municipality of  Dorado $710,000 Purchase 3  24 passenger explanation buses; 2 paratransit 10 passenger cutaway small buses; installation of 8 passenger shelters and administration costs
Municipality of Guaynabo $2,000,000 Purchase 8 35ft. expansion buses and 6 expansion buses; transit stop signs; radio comm. equip.
Municipality of Gurabo $650,000 ADA equip., communication equipment, security equip., prev. maintenance, operating assistance
Municipality of Hatillo $400,000 Funds for the construction of Transit Terminal
Municipality of Humaco $150,000 Roof replacement
Municipality of Juncos $943,750 Purchase 3 expansion buses, (1) expansion van; Maintenance Facility rehabilitation
Municipality of Vega Alta $325,000 Purchase of 4 cutaway small transit buses for Vega Alta Transit Expansion
Municipality of Villalba $680,000 Purchase 8 vans and 2 small trolleys
Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority $400,000 Construct Bus Shelters
Puerto Rico Ports Authority Development Department $345,972 Completion of Ferry Terminal rehab/renovation; surveillance equipment; ticketing booth equipment

State Total



Rhode Island

Rhode Island Department of Transportation $253,273 Construction of Parking Garage and Station Platform for the Wickford Junction Station Project
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority $8,756,686 Kennedy Plaza Bus Lane Renovation., Bus Shelter. Install./Rapid Bus Program, Maintenance Facility Improvements; Operating Assistance
Rhode Island Department of Transportation $4,100,000 Construction of Parking Garage and Station Platform for the Wickford Junction Station Project
Rhode Island Public Transit Authority $238,972 Partial purchase of a low-floor hybrid electric propulsion bus

State Total



South Carolina

City of Rock Hill $410,000 Purchase 6 buses; Operating Assistance
South Carolina DOT $604,111 IT communication equipment
City of Anderson $109,622 Operating assistance and preventive maintenance
Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority $1,155,912 Operating assistance; AVL; support equip.; preventive maintenance
South Carolina DOT $4,345,000 Purchase 1 replacement bus and 4 cutaway replacement buses; Renovation of maintenance facility;

State Total




Tennessee DOT $3,175,314 Purchase 23 intercity buses; ADA enhancements for vehicles, a ramp and bathroom; preventive maintenance, 3 intercity support vehicles; bus station support items; security/surveillance equip. computers and ITS equip.
Regional Transportation Authority (Nashville) $1,900,000 Construct the Martha Station; Operating assistance
Metropolitan Transit Authority (Nashville) $2,590,151 Facility Rehab

State Total




City of Port Arthur $1,159,928 Construct Bus Support Facility
Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority $7,496,704 Purchase 7 buses; Operating Assistance; Pedestrian Access/Walkways
City of Tyler $776,031 Purchase 1 bus; Shelters, Renovate Bus Parking, Tyler Transit Depot Improvements.
Via Metropolitan Transit Authority $1,000,000 Purchase One 40Ft. replacement bus; Acquire P&R Lot

State Total




Utah DOT $1,088,016 Intercity Bus Service

State Total




City of Harrisonburg $142,563 Operating Assistance, Security and Shop Equipment
Williamsburg Area Transit Authority $350,000 Automatic Vehicle Locator
Transit District Hampton Roads $1,000,000 Preventive Maintenance
City of Fredericksburg $118,532 Operating Assistance
City of Danville $699,042 Operating Assistance; Facility Rehab and Misc Equip for Danville
City of Charlottesville $3,661,563 Purchase 4 Hybrid Vehicles; Operating Asst.; Shelters; Amenities; Miscellaneous Equipment
City of Winchester $150,000 Purchase new bus stop signs for fixed-route system and an automatic stop announcement system for fixed-route fleet
Town of Blacksburg $171,748 Operating Assistance for Blacksburg Transit
Greater Lynchburg Transit Company $349,901 Operating Assistance, Benches, Computer Hardware & Software, Signs, Bus Washing Equip
Greater Roanoke Transit Company $1,008,822 Operating Assistance & Misc Capital Projects
Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation $4,940,400 Purchase 43 vans, 10 buses and 1 trolley bus and Miscellaneous Equipment for Rural Areas
City of Bristol $106,260 Purchase 1 bus; 1 support vehicle; radios; computers; operating assistance

State Total




Washington State DOT $3,242,541 Vessel Preservation activities

State Total




Oshkosh Transit System $29,877 Additional funds for the hybrid bus purchase program
Wisconsin DOT/Bureau of Transit $8,830,634 Purchase 4 diesel buses;1 diesel bus; 16 gas buses; 1 diesel replacement bus; 15 replacement vans; 13 replacement sedan/station wagons; passenger bus shelters; bus terminal; engineering/design of admin./maintenance facility; Miscellaneous support equipment

State Total



West Virginia

West Virginia DOT $4,430,758 Purchase 4 replacement 40ft. buses; 7 vans; 9 support vehicles; shop equip.; facility improvements and operating assistance.

State Total



Total for All

Grand Total $604,535,246
Commitment to Accessibility: DOT is committed to ensuring that information is available in appropriate alternative formats to meet the requirements of persons who have a disability. If you require an alternative version of files provided on this page, please contact