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Project:Emergency Preparedness Drills
Agency Exercise Coordinator's name and contact number:


Goals and Objectives:

(Describe what will be evaluated, including, but not limited to: internal and external notification and response procedures and other goals and objectives as described on the grants processing fact sheet.)

Drill(s) Description (describe each drill if conducting multiple):

Anticipated drill(s) dates:

Local, State and Federal Agencies that will participate, including the responsibilities that each entity will have during the exercise (i.e. fire, police, emergency management offices, FEMA):

The type of incident(s) that will be simulated (if conducting multiple drills, one must be a terrorist incident):

Budget for each drill to be conducted:

(Please refer to TEAM-Web @ [http://ftateamweb.fta.dot.gov/fta-flash2b.html] to download Pre-Grant Information Submission Template.)

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