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What: FTA Security/Emergency Management Grants for Emergency Preparedness Drills
Proposals Due Date: No later than 90 days from the date of the "Dear Colleague" Letter
Project Name in TEAM: Emergency Drills
Purpose: To conduct emergency response drill(s) and exercise(s) designed to test and evaluate the agency's internal and external notification and response procedures and interagency communication and operations at the command post and incident scene. For transit agencies conducting multiple exercises, at least one exercise must address a terrorist incident.
Goals and Objectives:
    Testing effectiveness and ability of Emergency Management Plans At a minimum, this must include the items listed above in 'Purpose.' Examples of additional elements typically contained in an exercise include:

  1. Ability to work with regional and local emergency response personnel
  2. Communications link with passengers
  3. Identification of ICS components you are using
  4. Assignment of personnel to critical functions
  5. Protection of emergency scene e.g. power off, protection of personnel in right-of-way, etc.
  6. Initiation of evacuation procedures
  7. Coordination with other emergency responders
  8. Identification of staging area for equipment and personnel
  9. Notification to other supporting agencies
  10. Mitigation and recovery


Pre-Grant: Please fill-out the attached Pre-Grant Information Submission Template and submit this to FTA as a TEAM Attachment. You will note this requires a description of the exercise scenario, goals and objectives and budget for each drill.

Progress Reporting: The transit agency must enter into TEAM the dates each drill was completed and the date the After-Action Plan was completed.

After-Action Report: This Report is a required condition of grant award. It is not to be entered into TEAM but should be completed within 45 days after the drill(s) and available on site at the transit agency for the review of the FTA.

PERIOD OF AVAILABILITY: Proposals must be submitted within 90 days. The funds will be available for draw down for 18 months after grant award date.
  • Materials, supplies, rental equipment to conduct each drill
  • Consultant fees for technical assistance in developing and evaluating the drills
  • Additional operating expenses that may be incurred, for example: alternative service provided due to service disruption
  • Emergency services agency expenses such as overtime wages and use of agency equipment and supplies
  • Wages related to the direct delivery of services in support of the drill
  • Any capital expenses
  • Grantee should complete one full-scale drill at a minimum
  • Multiple drills including a tabletop exercise are encouraged.
  • Inter-agency coordination with other first responders is critical.
  • For metropolitan areas with more then one transit operator, grantees are encouraged to submit one unified application.
  • Fiscal Year 2002 Certifications and Assurances for FTA Grants and Cooperative Agreements
  • Cost should be proportionate to complexity of drills.

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