Case Study: Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission

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The Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) was awarded an FTA Job Access Challenge Grant to develop an Internet-based trip planning application founded upon the Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) fixed-route bus system. The major goal of this pilot program was to develop a "how-to" manual to assist other transportation agencies in creating similar systems for welfare to work transportation services.

The trip planner is an internet-based job placement tool, intended to assist job placement workers and human resource personnel/trainers and employers route their clients and employees to work, training, childcare and other destinations using the bus.

The Planning Commission's Internet Trip planning development efforts included securing various funding mechanisms, deciding which agency would host the site, soliciting bids to design the site, web development and trip planner beta testing.

The Trip Planner is not yet operational. However, before the product is opened to the general public, beta testing will be completed to check for any problems with the system. The Regional Employment Board (REB), a job placement agency in the Worcester area, will be the first agency to test the site. Additional testing sites will be added. Once all of the problems have been resolved, the system will open to the public at the CMRPC Website.

This final report is available upon request:

Sandra J. Johnson
Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission
35 Harvard Street, 2nd Floor
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609-2801
Phone: (508) 756-7717
Fax: (508) 792-6818

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