Case Study: Deleware Valley Regional Planning Commission

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The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) was awarded an FTA Job Access Challenge Grant to develop a strategy to address barriers to bi-state commuting in the Metropolitan Philadelphia area. The major goal of this pilot was to identify existing bi-state employment centers, which were accessible by the current transportation system and to provide solutions to conflicts or incompatibilities between multiple transit agency services.

By analyzing estimated travel times of the existing regional transit system, DVRPC identified a significant number of employment centers across the Delaware River that are reachable within a reasonable access time from the core cities of Camden, and, Trenton, New Jersey; and Philadelphia. It was determined that not all of these employment centers are both transit accessible or suitable for entry-level workers. However, there is substantial evidence that the existing transit network is capable of supporting a significant level of bi-state commuting.

In recognition of the existing transit network and support for bi-state commuting, the following barriers have been identified in this region:

Recommendations to address each of these barriers are provided.

The final report is available upon request:

Barry Seymour
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106-2515
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