Case Study: San Luis Obispo Council of Governments

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The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments was awarded an FTA Job Access Challenge Grant to develop a comprehensive Welfare Mobility Plan for San Luis Obispo County. This plan was designed to eliminate the transportation barriers that often make a successful transition from welfare to permanent employment impossible. The plan was undertaken as a cooperative effort between the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG), the Private Industry Council (PIC), transit providers, social service agencies, childcare providers and employers throughout the County. In addition, the plan will reinforce and complement efforts already underway to improve mobility in San Luis Obispo County.

During the course of the plan's development, two stakeholder workshops were held. Representatives from all facets of welfare reform participated in the workshops as part of a Welfare Reform Task Force. At the County level, specific welfare mobility needs were identified in addition to existing transportation resources. By comparing transportation needs with existing resources, gaps in service were identified as a focus for developing potential solutions to welfare mobility issues. As a result, a refined set of program elements for the Welfare Mobility Plan were developed. The plan led to categorizing and prioritizing candidate projects by time frame and type of mobility barrier. The process reached a consensus among the Welfare Reform Task Force participants regarding the package of programs for inclusion in the Welfare Mobility Plan.

Approximately 20 different programs were included in the Welfare Mobility Plan. The programs recommended are elements of a comprehensive plan. Programs provided information regarding transportation resources were available among priorities identified during the workshops. Such programs were chosen for short-term implementation at relatively low costs.

The final report is available upon request:

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San Luis Obispo Council of Governments
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San Luis Obispo, California 93401
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