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Euclid Corridor Transportation Project

Project Description

The Euclid Corridor Transportation Project (ECTP) consists of a 6.7 mile Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line operating from Clevelandís downtown Public Square to the Louis Stokes Rapid Transit Station at Windermere in the City of East Cleveland, offering communities a third alternative between traditional bus and rail solutions. Clevelandís project consists of transforming Euclid Avenue, the cityís historic "Main Street" and the regionís two main employment centers, downtown Central Business District and University Circle by reconstructing and improving streets and sidewalks with attractive infrastructure including pavement treatments, street markings, landscaping and lighting improvements.

The $168.4 million project will use an exclusive center median bus way, for its Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, using a proposed 60 ft. hybrid, diesel-electric vehicle from the downtown district to the University Circle area and segue with curbside service from University Circle to the Louis Stokes Rapid Transit Station at Windermere. The projectís key characteristics are rail-like vehicles, exclusive rights-of-way, strong brand identity, streamlined fare collection system and shortened dwell times.

The goals of the ECTP are to:

Improve service to GCRTA customers by increasing transit system efficiency.

The Project will provide significant travel time-savings for transit travelers utilizing the Euclid Avenue Corridor and reduced congestion in and adjacent to the Euclid Corridor by providing a more efficient roadway and bus distribution system.

Promote long-term economic and community development and growth in and adjacent to the Euclid Avenue Corridor.

RTA will focus on private economic development activities by instituting policies that encourage investment and development around transit facilities. It will also provide reliable and regularly scheduled public transportation services to and from destinations along Euclid Avenue and in surrounding neighborhoods.

Improve quality of life for those living, working or visiting in the Euclid Avenue Corridor.

The project will increase the livability of the pedestrian environment by creating a place for more community activities through improved streetscape, amenities and public safety enhancements; improved regional access to employment, medical, educational, and cultural centers in and adjacent to the Euclid Corridor; and improved regional air quality by replacing diesel buses with clean air vehicles, and reducing traffic congestion.


Rapid Transit System:

The goal of the Rapid Transit System is to provide the quality of rail transit while offering the benefits of the flexibility of bus rapid transit vehicles. To accomplish this, the bus rapid transit line will connect the central business district (the regionís largest employment area) with the University Circle district, (the second largest employment area) and major cultural, medical, and educational districts. Construction of the BRT line is expected to begin in 2004 with completion and operational start-up service in 2008.

Transit Zones:

The design and construction of the transit zones is to provide expanded, highly visible bus operations in the downtown Cleveland Central Business District and to provide convenient transfers between cross-town bus routes for regional travel. The transit zone is comprised primarily of St. Clair and Superior Avenues. Improvements in the transit zones include segments of exclusive bus lanes and enhancements to the pedestrian zones to encourage transit usage, pedestrian signage and visibility to transit riders.

Transit Centers:

The construction of the transit centers will improve bus services in the Cleveland Central Business District, eliminate the need for on-street bus layovers and will increase pedestrian access to these transit centers. Two transit centers will be constructed in downtown. The East Side Transit Center will be located in the northwest corner of East 21st Street and Prospect Avenue.


Preliminary Engineering Completed
Environmental Impact Studies Completed (Received FONSI)
Final Design Process 2002-2005
Construction 2005-2008
Operation Start-up Mid 2008

Danielle Willis, Project Officer
Euclid Corridor Transportation Project
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
1240 West 6th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 771-4144
Fax: (216) 771-4145

updated June 16, 2006

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