Voucher and Pass Program Directory

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This directory contains information about voucher (*) and employer pass programs available in various cities (including the thirty largest transit agencies) throughout the United States. It includes the major transit agencies that offer such programs. However, due to the recent changes in the tax code, more transit agencies will likely begin similar programs. Therefore, do not use this list exclusively to determine whether or not such programs exist. If your city is not listed here, then please contact your local transit agency for information on passes and vouchers that might be available. Many transit agencies are listed on the Web at: [www.fta.dot.gov] or [http://www.apta.com/].

The information below is subject to change without notice and is current as of April 2002.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sun Travel Reduction Incentive Program

Discount passes are offered to employers who implement travel demand management programs. These employers are offered passes worth $28 for only $20. Employers in turn, provide them either free or subsidized to their employees to encourage use of buses in their commute to work. Passes are delivered to the employer’s worksite for distribution. Employers who have at least 10% of their employees commuting to work in other than single occupancy vehicles are given free advertising space on bus boards.

Contact: Cyndy Garcia

Telephone: 505-724-3118

Transit Agency: City of Albuquerque Transit Department

Web address: http://www.cabq.gov/transit


Atlanta, Georgia


The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) Partnership Program is designed to offer commuting assistance to employees who choose to ride MARTA to work. There is no minimum number required to initiate the program, however, discounts are offered based on volume purchased. The regular monthly TransCard costs $52.50 and offers unlimited rides on MARTA buses and trains all day, every day of the week. Single ride tokens would cost a commuter $70 per month. An employer can receive a sliding scale reduction up to 15% off this already discounted TransCard. The smallest discount of 5% applies to 1000-1999 passes and the largest discount of 8% applies to over 6,000+ passes.

Contact: MARTA Partnership

Telephone: 404-848-5057

Transit Agencies Included: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Web address: http://www.itsmarta.com


Austin, Texas

Bus Passes

Passes are marketed to employers to give to employees either free or subsidized. Passes are discounted 50% over daily fare. Passes are available as follows: $10 monthly bus pass; $17 monthly express pass; and $25 monthly vanpool pass. There are also $5 passes available for students and $10 coupons booklets for Special Transit (persons with /disabilities). Booklets containing 20 coupons for $5 are also available.

Contact: Gloria Wilson

Telephone: 512-389-7572

Transit Agency: Capitol Metro bus and vanpools

Web Address: http://www.capmetro.austin.tx.us


* Baltimore, Maryland

Commuter Choice Maryland

The Commuter Choice Maryland Program is designed to give employers and their employees the convenience of having monthly passes available at their worksite through deliveries by the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA). MTA monthly passes are valid for unlimited travel on buses and rail and cost less than daily round trip fare purchases. They are provided to employers on a consignment basis.

Pass denominations available are: $54 local bus, $67.50 express bus, $80 for Zone 1 commuter bus; $97 for Zone 2; $114 for Zone 3; $131 for Zone 4. 

Contact: Buddy Alves

Telephone: 410-767-8750

Transit Agencies Included: MTA bus, Central Light Rail, Baltimore Metro subway

Web Address: http://www.mtamaryland.com

Commuter Choice Maryland Voucher

The Commuter Choice Maryland Voucher Program uses $1 or $10 or $20vouchers that can be applied towards the purchase of fare media to ride MTA buses, the Baltimore Metro subway, Central Light Rail, and MARC Commuter trains. They can also be applied to vanpools. Employees take these vouchers to participating pass sales outlets and redeem them towards the purchase of any MTA prepaid fare media (monthly passes, weekly passes, and tokens sold ten per pack). They can also include them with their monthly vanpool payments to their vanpool operator. To get a copy of the list of participating pass sales centers and a copy of the "MTA Fares" brochure, call 410-539-5000.

Vouchers are available in $1, $10 and $20 values.

Contact: Buddy Alves

Telephone: 410-767-8750

Transit Agencies: MTA bus, Central Light Rail, Baltimore Metro, MARC, vanpools

Web address: http://www.mtamaryland.com


Boston, Massachusetts

* Commuter Check

Commuter Checks are most often used as a tax-free benefit or to substitute for taxable salary. They are also used as an alternative to free or discounted parking, or as a bonus, incentive and in other creative ways. Commuter Check has been available in Massachusetts since 1995. Six denominations of Commuter Check, $20, $21, $22, $25, $35, and $45 are available. Fees for vouchers are: 89 or fewer vouchers, 4%; over 89 vouchers, 3%. All orders require a $10 charge for shipping. With these denominations, monthly benefit levels of $20, $25, $30, $35, $45, $57, $63, $65, and $85 are easily provided.

Regular and occasional transit riders use Commuter Checks to buy tickets, tokens and passes for buses, trains and ferries, and to pay monthly vanpool fares.

Commuter Checks are simple to order and use. They are conveniently redeemed by participating transit operators, and designated sales outlets, and by mail. They cannot be exchanged for cash or used for any purchase other than transit fares. Participating transit services include Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) (bus, subway, rail, ferry and the RIDE paratransit services), CARAVAN Vanpool Services, American Eagle Motor Coach, Amtrak, Bloom Bus Lines, Bonanza Bus Lines, Brush Hill Transportation, C&J Trailways, Cavalier Coach, Concord Trailways, Greyhound, Gulbankian Bus Lines, Interstate Bus Lines, Peter Pan, Plymouth and Brockton Street Railway Company, The Coach Company, Trombly Commuter Lines, Vermont Transit, Yankee Bus Lines, Boston Harbor Cruises, Massachusetts Bay Lines, Brockton Area Transit, Greater Attleboro Taunton RTA, Lowell Regional Transit Authority, Natick Neighborhood Bus, Pioneer Valley Regional Transit Authority and Worcester Regional Transit Authority.

The MBTA also sells 14 categories of monthly passes.  Costs are distance-based and range from $25 for local bus only, to $169 for commuter rail.  A combination bus and subway pass costs $57 per month.

Contact: Caravan for Commuters

Telephone: 888-4-COMMUTE (New England only) or 617-973-7189; FAX 617-973-8819

Contact: MBTA Pass Program

Telephone: 617-222-5218

Contact: Commuter Check Services Corporation

Telephone: 201-833-9700

Transit Agencies: Mass Bay Transportation Authority (subway, commuter rail, bus), 20 private bus companies, 2 vanpool vendors, 3 private boat companies, 5 RTA's.

Web Addresses:

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority -- http://www.mbta.com
Commuter Check Services Corporation -- http://www.commutercheck.com

Metro’s Greenback Plan

Metro’s Greenback Plan will lower the cost of using public transportation for employees and reduce a company’s tax liability. It truly saves the user money, giving "greenbacks" back to the employee. The Greenback Plan reduces commuting costs by sheltering a portion of the employee’s income from federal taxes similar to what is presently done to pay for medical costs.

With the Greenback Plan employees can purchase monthly bus and rail Flash Passes at a 30% discount. For example, if a person goes back and forth from work for a month (20 days) the cost of bus and/or rail transportation would be $50 ($2.50 per day). A monthly Flash Pass costs $44 ($2.20 per day) a month. Using pre-tax income, that same $44 pass would cost $31 ($1.55 per day), a savings of $13 per month.

A monthly Flash Pass is good for unlimited bus and train rides during the entire month, so that same pass can be used for commuting, shopping or entertainment purposes. The more the pass is used, the more the employee saves! All this plus free parking at Metro Park & Ride lots.

Contact: Gerri Ratchuk, Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

Telephone: 716-855-7672; FAX 716-855-6679

Web Address: http://www.nfta.com

Transit Agencies: Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority bus service to Erie and Niagara Counties; light rail between downtown and South Campus of SUNY Buffalo

Chicago, Illinois

* Transit Check

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Transit Check is a voucher for transportation anywhere on the RTA system and the South Shore Railroad. RTA Transit Checks are purchased by employers and distributed to employees as a benefit. Checks may be purchased in any denomination from $10.00 and up. RTA Transit Checks are tax-deductible to employers and a tax-free benefit to employees who use the CTA, Metra, Pace, the South Shore, or vanpools.

RTA Transit Check puts money back in employees' pockets by lowering their commuting costs. It helps employers support clean air, reduce traffic congestion and promote a more reliable, on-time work force.

Voucher denominations are customized from $10 to $100. Fees charged are $.50 per check. Shipping charges are $8.95 per order and a $10 minimum charge per check denomination.

Contact: Larry Gress, Sales and Marketing Program Manager

Telephone: 312-917-0798

Contact: RTA Transit Check

Telephone: 800-531-2828

Transit Agencies: Chicago Transit Authority, Metra, Pace, South Shore Railroad

Web Address: http://www.rtachicago.com/

Cleveland, Ohio

Commuter Advantage

With more than 100 companies and organizations already participating countywide, RTA’s commuter advantage program is a unique opportunity for area employees to enjoy discounts on public transportation fares.

The program is easy to administer. Employers simply keep a monthly inventory of RTA passes and distribute them to their staff. Employers only pay for the passes used. The amount of the subsidy is entirely the decision of the employer. Employers can pay all or a portion of its employees' cost of using public transportation. Regardless of the amount of the subsidy, the total cost of the program qualifies as a tax-deductible business expense. By riding public transportation, employees will be able to use their time to prepare for the day's activities, while being relieved from the normal hassles and stress that accompany the daily commute to work.

Monthly local service passes cost $45 and express service passes cost $54. Payment for monthly passes is due within 30 days of receipt. There are no fees for shipping or handling.

Contact: Pat Kearney, Employer Pass Subsidy Program Manager

Telephone: 216-566-5147

Transit Agency: Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Web Address: http://www.gcrta.org


Columbus, Ohio

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COAT) Employer Pass Program

Ohio Commuter Checks are available in $16, $25, $30, and $37, and $40 denominations, enabling different monthly benefit levels using one or two Commuter Checks. Regular and occasional COTA riders can use commuter checks to buy Monthly Passes and Day Passes. The 5 denominations enable different monthly benefit levels using one or two Commuter Checks. Commuter Checks are accepted at over 100 metro-area sales outlets, including many supermarkets, check cashing services and drug stores. They are also accepted for monthly vanpool fares. Other Employer Pass Programs may also be available.

Contact: COTA Sales Department

Telephone: 614-275-597

Transit Agency: Central Ohio Transit Authority

Web Address: http://www.cota.com/

Connecticut Transit


CTTRANSIT has had a long-term business relationship with many of the major employers in downtown Hartford. These employers have worked with CTTRANSIT to promote the use of public transit due to limited parking at or near their offices. They place information displays and schedule racks at their work sites, promote Transit Fairs whereby CTTRANSIT personnel meet with employees to provide specific bus schedule information, and sell bus passes to their employees. 

The employers buy the passes from CTTRANSIT and then resell them to their employees. A few companies even discount the pass price to make transit use more attractive. Passes are available as follows: $38 for 31consecutive days local bus pass; Hartford express service: Zone 2 $65, Zone 3 $85, and Zone 4 $104 for 31 consecutive days.

Contact: Harold McGrath, Jr.
               Business Development Officer

Telephone: 860-522-8101, Ext. 260

Transit Agency: Connecticut Transit in Hartford, New Haven, Stamford

Web address: http://www.state.ct.us/dot


Dallas, Texas


The E-Pass is the Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART) photo ID bus and rail pass that employers purchase for all employees. The pass entitles employees of participating companies to one year of free, unlimited rides on all regular DART services. Once a company is enrolled in the program, all employees are issued individual E-Passes. The price of the pass is determined by the company’s location, the amount of DART service available to the work site, and the number of employees in the company. Based on service levels and numbers of employees, passes range from a low of $50 to a high of $165. Through DART’s Employer FareShare Program, an employer can provide its employees monthly passes, and reduced price monthly passes onsite, at the lowest rate available. Local monthly passes for regular bus and rail service normally cost $30 and are sold to employers for $30; premium monthly passes for express bus services normally cost $60 and are sold to employers for $60. DART Pays 50% of the total cost for vanpool services.

Contact: Employer FareShare Program

Telephone: 214-747-RIDE

Transit Agencies: DART

Web Address: http://www.dart.org/default.asp

Denver, Colorado

* Eco Pass 

The Eco Pass is an annual bus pass purchased by employers for all full-time employees. With this photo ID card, employees are entitled to unlimited rides on buses, light rail and Call-n-Ride services. The Eco Pass is valid seven days a week, 24 hours a day, through December 31st of the current year in which the pass is purchased. All Eco Pass cardholders are eligible to use the Guaranteed Ride Home program from Ride Arrangers. 

An account representative will determine the program price for each company, based on number of employees and availability of transit service to the business location. A pro-rated, calendar year contract is issued to the employer. Employees are then eligible for an Eco Pass photo ID card.  

Commuter Check 

Commuter Checks are vouchers that employers give to employees to ride transit. Employees use the vouchers to buy tickets, tokens, or passes on buses, trains, and vanpools serving metropolitan Denver. Commuter Checks are tax free, easy to administer, and very popular with employees. Employers order by mail and distribute them to their employees. They were developed to allow the business community to help reduce traffic congestion, improve the environment, and promote transit use.  

Commuter Checks are available in $15, $21, $30, $31, $35, and $49 denominations. Shipping fees are $10 per order. 

Contact: ECO Pass/Commuter Check

Telephone: 303-299-2123; FAX 303-299-2992

Contact: RTD Corporate Sales Department

Telephone: 303-299-2132

Transit Agencies: Denver Regional Transportation Authority

Web address: http://www.rtd-denver.com/

Contact: Commuter Check Services Corporation

Telephone: 201-833-9700

Web Address: Commuter Check Services Corporation -- http://www.commutercheck.com


Des Moines, Iowa

Employer Support Program 

The Employer Support Program (ESP) of the Des Moines Metropolitan Transit Authority enrolls companies that want to offer a reduced cost bus pass to its employees. Companies pay 25-100% of the employees’ monthly bus pass cost for an annual savings of $175-$350. The MTA provides a discount to employers of $3 per pass if they are given free to employees. Passes cost as follows: $30 for Des Moines (discounted $3 if distributed free to employees); $44 for Ankeny; $45 for Altoona/Pleasant Hill. 

Contact: Patrice Sayre

Telephone: 515-283-8100

Transit Agencies: Des Moines Metropolitan Transit Authority

Web Address: http://www.dmmta.com


Detroit, Michigan

* TransitChek®

Transit Check is a voucher that employers give to employees to ride transit. Employees use the vouchers to buy passes on buses, and trains serving metropolitan Detroit. Transit Checks are tax free, easy to administer, and very popular with employees. Employers order by mail and distribute them to their employees. They were developed to allow the business community to help reduce traffic congestion, improve the environment, and promote transit use. With Transit Checks, employers can reduce their employees' transit fares by 40 percent while trimming total salary costs. Monthly passes cost $47 versus daily fares of $3.00; park and ride passes cost $66 versus $4.00 each way daily. The Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) also provides free monthly passes for new employees during their first 30 days of employment.

Transit Checks are available in $20 and $30 denominations. A fee of $12 per order is charged for postage.

Contact: Melissa Hightower, Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation Marketing

Telephone: 313-223-2192

Transit Agency: SMART

Web Address: http://www.smartbus.org/


Fort Worth, Texas

* TransiCheck 

Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) issues TransiCheck vouchers on a consignment basis to area employers. If the employer subsidizes the cost of the vouchers by at least $2.50, then FWTA matches it with an additional $2.50 discount off monthly bus passes. If the company subsidizes $21 or more, FWTA contributes an additional $6 discount. Vouchers are also available for vanpool services. 

Transit passes for local service cost $30 per month and the Dallas/Fort Worth premium express pass costs $60 per month.  

Contact: Betty Battles

Telephone: 817-215-8660

Transit Agency: Fort Worth Transportation Authority

Web Address: http://www.the-t.com

* Hampton Roads, Virginia

* Commuter Check

With the Commuter Check® Program employers purchase transit vouchers and give them to employees as a benefit or bonus to reduce the cost of commuting. They're a tax-free benefit to the employee and tax-deductible to the employer. Since Commuter Checks are tax-free, they're worth even more than their face value.

Tickets, tokens or passes bought with Commuter Checks are valid on any Tidewater Regional Transit or Pentran bus, trolley, ferry, vanpool, paratransit service and participating private bus and van operators.

Commuter Checks are available in $20, $25, $40, and $43 denominations.

Contact: Carol Russell, TRAFFIX

Telephone: 757-222-6000, Ext.6020; FAX 757-222-6103

Transit Agencies: Hampton Roads Transit (Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach) and Bay Transit (Gloucester).

Web Address: http://www.hrtransit.org/

Contact: Commuter Check Services Corporation

Telephone: 201-833-9700

Web Address: Commuter Check Services Corporation -- http:www.commutercheck.com

Honolulu, Hawaii

Employee Subsidized Monthly Bus Pass

Oahu Transit Services Incorporated offers participating employers three plans to provide monthly bus passes for their employees as an incentive for using TheBus to and from work, plus unlimited travel at any other time. Some employers pay the total cost of the $27 bus pass, while others ask their employees to pay all or a portion of the bus pass cost.

Option 1, Direct Purchase of Bus Passes: Bus passes are purchased at Oahu Transit’s offices, available from the 20th of the preceding month. Purchases in excess of 200 will be delivered to the employer’s offices. Purchases of 20 or less may be by mail.

Option 2, Consignment Purchase of Bus Passes: The company is charged for only the passes actually purchased. Those not purchased are returned. This plan is for companies with fluctuating numbers of bus pass users and for those who want to try it out without making a commitment for a specific number of passes each month.

Option 3, The Voucher System: Called "THEBUS BONUS! CHECKS!," employers purchase books of vouchers worth $5, and$10, and $27, and distribute them to their employees. Vouchers are like cash to purchase a monthly bus pass at any bus pass sales outlet. There are over 100 bus pass redemption outlets island-wide. Vouchers may be purchased monthly or several months at a time. Employees may also use transit vouchers for Vanpool Hawaii. Vouchers may be used on Trans-Hawaiian bus routes sponsored by the Leeward Oahu Transportation Management Association.

Contact: Marilynne Nascimento or Leila Keawe Aiko

Telephone: 808-848-4444; FAX 808-852-6605

Transit Agency: Honolulu Public Transit Authority, Oahu Transit Services

Web Address: http://www.thebus.org/

Houston, Texas


Employers agree to distribute Houston Metro passes at or below the price paid for the passes. Discounts offered are for 25 or more passes purchased each month. If the employer pays for the passes by the due date, a 10% discount applies; if the employer pays within the 10-day term requirement, a 7% discount applies; a 5% discount applies if the passes are delivered to the employer and are paid for with the 10-day term requirement.

Annual passes are available as follows: Local pass, $315; Zone 1, $459; Zone 2, $702; Zone 3, $846; Zone 4, $990. These passes have already been discounted 25%.

Monthly passes are available as follows: Local, $35; Zone 1, $50; Zone 2, $78; Zone 3, $94; Zone 4, $110. These passes are discounted further by 5%, 7%, or 10%.

Contact: Bridget Cormier, Ticket Agent, Ride Sponsor Program

Telephone: 713-739-4965

Transit Agency: Metro Transit Authority of Harris County

Web Address: http:www.ridemetro.org

Kansas City, Missouri

Transit Riders Incentive Plan 

The Transit Riders Incentive Plan (TRIP), an employee benefits program sponsored by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA), encourages employers to give or subsidize at least $4 for monthly passes given to its employees. KCATA matches the $4 subsidy. The average employer contribution is about $12 per pass. In addition to the cost savings, TRIP offers employees and employers additional benefits, the most popular of which is the Guaranteed Emergency Ride Home Program that provides a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency to employees who ride the bus. 

Participating organizations sell monthly bus passes to employees at a discount, often using payroll deduction to further simplify the process. Passes are either consigned to the employer or ordered through the Pass-by-Mail option. Employers pay only for passes that are sold, making the program risk-free. Metro handles the delivery and pick up of unsold passes each month. 

Undiscounted passes cost $36 for Kansas City area, $38 for Gladstone and Kansas City, Kansas, $44 for express service for service to Independence, MO, and $69 for service to Liberty, MO. 

Contact: Joe McShane

Telephone: 816-346-0274

Transit Agency: KCATA

Web Address: http://www.kcata.com


Los Angeles, California

* TransitChek®

The TransitChek program is an easy, convenient way to provide a tax-free incentive in the form of regional transit vouchers. Employees can use them to buy tokens, tickets, and passes from virtually any of the of mass transit providers in their area. Work/Life Benefits, a division of Accord Corporate Services, administers a turnkey program for the benefit of transit vendors, employers and employees.

Employers can order any quantity. TransitCheks can be made out in the exact denomination that an employer needs. Each TransitChek is valid 15 months from the date the order is produced. Any unused vouchers may be returned for a refund of their face value any time before they expire. Once TransitCheks are given to the employees, they are free to convert them for fare media fare at their nearest transit vendor.

Fees charged are as follows: 1-99 checks cost $.68 each; 100-199, $.63 each; 200-499, $.58 each; 500-1999, $.53 each; 2000-3499, $.48 each; 3500 and over, $.43 each; shipping charges are $10.75 per order. Rush orders filled within 24 hours cost an additional $25.

Contact: Worklife Benefits Customer Service Department

Telephone: 800-531-2828

Web Address: http://www.mta.net/

Transit Agencies: Metro Link, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA), LA DOT, Foothill Transit, Santa Monica Transit, Orange County Transportation Authority, Culver City Bus, Sun Bus, Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, Long Beach Transit, South Coast Area Transit, Riverside Transportation Authority, Omni Trans, Amtrak, Access Services Inc, Antelope Valley Transit Authority, Monticello Transit, Santa Clarita Transit, Enterprise Rideshare, and VPSI vanpools. 


Louisville, Kentucky

* Commuter Check 

In Louisville, the Commuter Check program offers two denominations: $20 and $23. The $23 Commuter Check matches the price of the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) monthly pass; $20 Commuter Checks can be used to purchase Fare$aver Tickets. Both regular and occasional transit users can use Commuter Check to save on transit fares and on taxes! The two denominations can be combined to allow van riders to pay for fares up to the tax-free monthly maximum of $100.00

A few of the Louisville participants in Commuter Check include the Federal Reserve Bank, FSA Group, Louisville Marriott East, Metropolitan Sewer District, U.S. Department. of Housing and Urban Development, and Wendy's. TARC Commuter Checks are easily redeemed at over 150 banks, groceries and other TARC sales outlets throughout Greater Louisville, and may also be redeemed by mail.

Contact: Mike Kuzmich, Transit Authority of River City

Telephone: 502-561-5118 or FAX 502-561-5253

Transit Agency: Transit Authority of River City

Web Address: http://www.ridetarc.org


Madison, Wisconsin


Madison Metro enters in agreements with employers to accept tickets and passes on a consignment basis. Fare media is either sold at face value to employees or provided to them at a discount funded by the employer. Monthly passes good for unlimited service during the month, cost $38.50 compared against a $1.50 base fare; monthly commuter passes which can be used only on weekdays cost $34; and Quik Tix, a book of ten ride tickets cost $9.00 rather than $18.00 if base fares were purchased. 

Contact: Julie Maryott-Walsh, Marketing and Customer Service Manager

Telephone: 608-266-5921

Transit Agency: Madison Metro

Web Address: http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/metro


Miami, Florida

Metro Passes

Miami-Dade sells discounted monthly Metropasses. The regular monthly pass costs $60; for 5 to 99 passes, $54; for 100 or more passes, $52. Employers distribute these passes to their employees either at cost, free, or subsidized by the employer. Only pass holders can obtain monthly parking permits at rail stations for only $5. The regular price for parking is $3 per day or about $60 per month.

Contact: Ann Doole, Pass Sales

Telephone: 305-375-3249

Contact: Marcia Variela, Marketing

Telephone: 305-884-7567

Transit Agency: Miami-Dade Transit buses, light rail, Metro Mover

Web Address: http://www.co.miami-dade.fl.us/transit


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Commuter Value Certificates 

The employer purchases these directly from the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS). They have a face value equal to the cost of a weekly pass or ten adult tickets. They can be exchanged for a weekly pass or ten tickets at any of 300 sales outlets. The price of single certificates is $12.00; minimum order quantity is 20; and they must be purchased in multiples of four certificates. These certificates are purchased by employers and provided to employees as tax-deductible business expenses. . 

Commuter Value Pass 

These passes are available for employees at companies with at least 25 transit users. The maximum employee cost is $15 per month for unlimited use on any system route. This represents a discount of over 65% of the cash price for bus commuting five days a week. Employers contribute a minimum of $22 per employee per month while MCTS provides a 25% discount (worth $7) off the weekly pass price and the employee pays the balance. The total cost per employee is $39 per month. The employer contribution is a deductible business expense and tax free to the employee. The employee contribution can be deducted as a pre-tax wage reduction.  

Contact: Jim Rentscher

Telephone: 414-937-3251

Web Site: http://www.ridemcts.com/


Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota


MetroPass is a deeply discounted annual bus pass purchased by employers for employees. Metro Transit surveys company employees to determine the number of existing bus riders and charges the company $54 per month for each rider. Employers determine the level of bus fare subsidy for employees. Employers’ total cost equals the revenue contributed by current bus riders, making the program revenue neutral to the transit providers. The pass is good for 12 months of unlimited rides every day of the year. It can be used on any regional bus route. The photo ID pass is non-transferable, and the company can put its logo on it.

Metropass offers employers the opportunity to purchase annual passes for all full-time employees at wholesale value. Employers pay the cost of what their current bus rider’s pay in annual fares for the entire workforce. For example, a company with 1000 employees and 300 bus riders would pay $18,900 (300 current riders times the average system fare of $63). The employer would receive a Metropass for up to 1000 employees for $16,200 per month. The employer would decide how much of the total cost to subsidize and how much, if any, employees will contribute.


The TransitWorks program permits employers to sell passes to employees at 10% off the monthly pass cost or 5% off stored value cards of $10, $15, and $20 denominations. Passes cost $42 (local bus), $63 (peak bus or non peak express), and $85 (peak express bus) and are sold for 10% off the retail price. Over 500 employers provide these passes to their employees.

Contact: Metro Pass: Wendy Knight

Telephone: 612-349-7545

Contact: Transit Works: Wendy Knight, Customer Services

Telephone: 612-349-7545

Transit Agencies: Metro Transit bus, private providers, Southwest Metro, North Suburban Lines, neighborhood circulators

Web Address: http://www.metrocouncil.org/


New Orleans, Louisiana

Employer Subsidized Pass Program 

The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) provides monthly passes to employers on a consignment basis for either resale to employees at face value, partially subsidized, or to be given as a tax-free transit benefit. It provides unlimited monthly use of all RTA vehicles, including streetcars. 

Monthly passes cost $55; for quantities of 25 or more, there is a 5% discount.

Contact: Glenda Johnson, Director of Marketing & Sales Promotion

Telephone: 504-248-3847

Transit Agency: Regional Transit Authority streetcars and buses

Web Address: http://www.regionaltransit.org


New York, New York

* TransitChek®

TransitChek® MetroCard®

TransitChek® Vouchers are check-size instruments which are accepted only by transit or vanpool operators for the purchase of MetroCards, tokens, QuickCards, passes or tickets. Over ninety transit operators and vanpool services in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York participate in the TransitChek® Program.

Vouchers are valid for at least one year and may be used anytime during that period. This permits employers to reduce their shipping costs and administration by purchasing vouchers in quantity. Vouchers may be distributed to employees anytime throughout the year. Employers may also distribute vouchers to employees in quantity for an extended period provided that the monthly benefit for that period does not exceed $100.

Vouchers are sold in four denominations - $15, $30, $35 and $50. Vouchers must be used to purchase fare media whose value is at least the same value as the total value of the vouchers used. Operators do not give cash refunds or exchanges. This ensures that the value of the Voucher is used for the purpose of the tax benefit - for transit or vanpool commuting.

Employees may redeem vouchers wherever they normally purchase their fare media, vouchers are accepted at all subway token booths, by ticket agents at all rail and bus stations and terminals, and at ferry terminals. They may also be used in ticket-by-mail programs and at many ticket retail outlets. While most transit operators accept TransitChek® Vouchers for all ticket types, individual operators may place limits on the number of TransitChek® Vouchers they will accept per transaction or type of tickets that can be purchased, e.g., monthly or weekly passes. Contact your local transit operator for their specific acceptance policies.

Voucher denominations available are $15, $30, $35 and $50. A fee of 4% is assessed plus $12 for shipping and handling per order. Over 13,000 employers participate in the program and thousands of employees receive TransitChek®.

Thirty day unlimited ride TransitChek® MetroCards® are available for $63 for a 30-day card. Seven-day cards cost $17. Based on three to four rides per weekday, these cards save 25 to 47% over daily fares. Cards are valid for a full year from the date of purchase and are activated at the time of first use. They are valid on MTA New York City Transit subways, local, and express buses, MTA Long Island buses, MTA Staten Island Railway, Command Bus Company, Green Bus Lines, Jamaica Bus, Liberty Lines Express, New York Bus, Queens Surface Corporation, and Triboro Coach Corporation.

Contact: Transit Center

Telephone: 212-329-2000

Transit Agencies: MTA New York City Transit Subways and Buses, MTA Staten Island Railway

Commuter Rail Services: NJ TRANSIT, MTA Long Island Rail Road, MTA Metro-North Railroad, Connecticut Commuter, Rail/Shore Line East, Amtrak, PATH, Roosevelt Island Tram

New York and Connecticut Bus Services: Arrow Lines, Coastal Link, Collins Bus Service, Command Bus, Connecticut Transit, Datco, Greater Bridgeport Transit District, Green Bus Lines, Greenwich Shuttle Bus, Greyhound, Hampton Express, Inc., Hampton Jitney, Harran Coachway, HART Bus Service, Huntington Area Rapid Transit, Jamaica Buses, Kelley Transportation, Leprechaun Line/Hendrick Hudson, Liberty Lines Express, Martz Trailways, Milford Bus Service, MTA Long Island Bus, New York Bus Service, Norwalk Transit, Peter Pan Trailways, Queens Surface Corp, Spring Valley Coach, Sunrise Coach Lines, Swift Transportation, Trans-Bridge Lines, Triboro Coach, Westchester County Bee-Line System, Westport Transit

New Jersey Bus Services: A-1 Bus Tours, Academy Bus Lines, Anton Travel Service, Ashbury Park – N.Y. Transit, Blue & Grey Transit, Carefree, Coachways, Community Coach, Community Lines, Inc, Community Transit, DeCamp Bus Lines, Drogin Bus Co., Evergreen Lines, Hudson Bus Transportation, Hudson County Executive Express, Lakeland Bus Lines, Leisure Line Tour, Martz Bus Line, McRide, Monsey Trails, Morris County Metro, Muller Tours, NJ Transit, Olympia Trails, Peter Pan Line, Pine Hill-Kingston, Pocono Mountain Trails, Red and Tan, Rockland Coaches, Shortline/Hudson Transit, Surburban Trails, Surburban Transit, TPC Transit, Trailway Coach USA, Trans-Bridge Lines, Transport of Rockland.

Pennsylvania Bus Services: Anton Travel Services, Trans-Bridge Lines

Ferry Services: Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry, Davis Park & Watch Hill Ferry, Fire Island Ferry, , Hoboken Ferry, NY Waterway, Sayville Ferry

Vanpool Services: The Rideshare Company, Royal Coachman Vanpools, VPSI Commuter Vanpools, Van Pool of NJ, Inc.

Web Address: http://www.transitcenter.com/


Omaha, Nebraska

Bus Plus 

Metro Area Transit markets bus ticket books to employers who in turn, provide them to employees at discounts ranging from 15-100% or employers can set use pre-tax dollars for the purchases of bus ticket books. Some employers target new employees for receipt of the benefits in order to attract workers in a competitive job market. Regular bus books cost $12.50 for 10 tickets; with transfers, $13.00; and express bus books cost $15. Ticket books are mailed to employers at no additional cost. 

Contact: Dennis Hirz

Telephone: 402-341-7560 ext. 2340

Transit Agency: Metropolitan Area Transit 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Including South Jersey and Delaware)

* TransitChek® 

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission administers the TransitChek program for the major transit agencies and state departments of transportation in the greater Philadelphia (tri-state) metropolitan region. TransitChek vouchers are redeemable at transit agency-operated sales outlets for a variety of fare materials (see participating providers, below); they may not be used as boarding materials. No change is given, so purchases must be planned accordingly. They are valid for 13 months from the date of order, and up to three vouchers at a time may be redeemed.

Employees/commuters must receive the vouchers through their employer, either as a benefit (in addition to compensation) or through a pre-tax payroll deduction (as stipulated in TEA-21 legislation) or employer and employees can share the cost of TransitChek. For example, employers can "sell" $30 TransitCheks for $15. Note: consult your tax advisor for state tax requirements. Information kits are available at the web site below or by calling the number below. Staff is available to meet with employers about implementation or to speak to employees about how to use their vouchers.

Vouchers are available in $15, $20, $30, $35, $60, and $65 denominations. For 89 checks or less, a fee of $.70 per check is charged; for 90 or more, $.65 per check. A fee of $12 per denomination is charged for mailing. 

Contact: Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Telephone: 215-592-1800; FAX 215-592-9125

Transit Agencies: SEPTA, PATCO, NJ Transit, DART-First State, Amtrak, CAT (Harrisburg), VPSI Commuter Vanpools and Vanpool of New Jersey.

Web address: http://www.dvrpc.org/


Phoenix, Arizona

Bus Card Plus

The Bus Card Plus program is designed to meet the needs of employers who are affected by the Maricopa County Trip Reduction ordinance. This legislation applies to employers with 50 or more employees at a worksite in any 24-hour period. It requires the employers to reduce single occupant vehicle trips or average miles driven by their employees. The Bus Card Plus program helps employers administer a cost-effective bus ridership program. The magnetic card reading technology tracks the bus ridership of employees and encourages them to ride the bus by creating a flexible and easy way to pay their bus fares. Employers receive a monthly billing summary and ridership report indicating the number of times each card was used and how much each cardholder owes for his bus rides. Each cardholder is charged for the rides taken that month, not to exceed the cost of a local, express, or reduced fare monthly pass. The amount can be deducted from their paycheck or other payment source, less any subsidy provided by the employer. Because the bill is based on usage and not an up-front fee, employers can base their subsidy on a percentage of the actual number of trips each cardholder takes every month.

Monthly passes for local service cost $34; express bus service, $51. The Bus Card Plus program bills the employer $1.25 for local bus service, not to exceed $34 per month, and $1.75 for express bus service, not to exceed $51 per month. Bus cards cost $.50 each. The card is valid for 2 years.

Contact: Alex Potter Business Outreach Coordinator

Telephone: 602-495-7283

Transit Agency: City of Phoenix Public Transit Department

Web Address: http://www.ci.phoenix.az.us/PUBLICTRANSIT/


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

EZ Gold 

EZ Gold is a no cost commuter benefit that employers can offer employees to purchase and receive Port Authority monthly passes at work through payroll deduction. Passes are mailed by certified mail to business locations. Passes are valid on all Port Authority transit buses, the "T," and the Monongahela and Duquesne Inclines. A minimum participation level of 20 employees is required. Passes are provided to the employer by certified mail by the 17th day of the preceding month. 

Monthly passes cost as follows: $48 for Zone 1; $61.25 for Zone 2; $74.50 for Zone 3;. Annual passes save the cost of two months while six-month passes save the cost of one month of service.

Contact: Tony Hickman

Telephone: 412-566-5309

Transit Agency: Port Authority of Allegheny County

Web Address: http://www.ridegold.com


Portland, Oregon

An employer-provided transportation subsidy is a real incentive for a company’s employees to use the bus or light-rail. For most employers, the full amount can be deducted as a business expense. Additionally, recent state and federal tax legislation can further reduce the cost of providing passes. There are a number of ways a company can offer this benefit to its employees:


Tri-Met’s annual fare program gives most employers the opportunity to purchase annual All-Zone transit passes for all their employees at a reduced rate per employee. A Tri-Met validation sticker is affixed to an employee photo identification card that the employee then uses as their annual Tri-Met pass. Since this is an annual program, administrative requirements are minimal.


e-PASS allows employers to subsidize all or a portion of monthly transit passes and deduct any remaining portion from participating employees’ paychecks – before taxes. An electronic spreadsheet is filled out with the names of the employees participating in the program and e-mailed to Tri-Met each month along with payment. The passes are then sent to the participating employees or to the employer for distribution.

In-House Pass and Ticket Sales

This program allows a company to sell Tri-Met passes and tickets at the company’s work site. Each month, the passes and tickets are sent directly to the company. The company sells the passes and tickets at whatever discount they choose. At the end of the month, the company submits payment for the full value of passes and tickets sold that month and returns any unsold passes.


Tri-Met sends an order form to a participating company. The company completes the form and sends it to Tri-Met, along with VISA/MasterCard information, and Tri-Met sends the passes back to the company in time for a full month’s use.

Contact: Tri-Met Employer Services

Telephone: 503-962-7670

Transit Agency: Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon

Web Address: http://www.tri-met.org/


Rhode Island

* Commuter Check 

In Rhode Island, the Commuter Check is part of the Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority (RIPTA’s) Express Travel program. Three Commuter Check denominations: are offered: $20, $30, and $35. Employees redeem Commuter Checks for RIPTA monthly passes or RIPTIK ticket books in basically the same way as cash payments. Commuter Checks are also accepted by other transit operators serving Rhode Island, including vanpools.

Employers can use Commuter Check as a tax-free benefit, bonus, incentive substitute for taxable salary, alternative to free or discounted parking or in other creative ways. The $35 Commuter Check matches the price of RIPTA’s Statewide One Rate Monthly Pass. The $20 and $30 Commuter Checks can be used to purchase multiple RIPTIK Tickets. Both regular and occasional transit users can use Commuter Check to save on transit fares and on taxes!

Commuter Checks are simple to use. For RIPTA passes and tickets, they are conveniently redeemed at over 40 sales outlets throughout Rhode Island including most Stop and Shop Stores, Shaw’s Ro-Jacks, and Bank and Brown University Bookstores. They cannot be exchanged for cash or used for any purchase other than transit fares.

Fees charged ranges from 3-4% depending on quantity ordered plus $10 per order for shipping. 

Contact: Lee Beliveau, Director of Marketing

Telephone: 888-88-RIPTA or 401-784-9500 Ext. 150

Web Address: http://www.ripta.com

Transit Agencies: Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, Bonanza Bus Company (Boston, NY) Amtrak, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Interstate Navigation (ferry Block Island to Galilee), vanpools.

Contact: Commuter Check Services Corporation

Telephone: 201-833-9700

Web Address: Commuter Check Services Corporation -- http://www.commutercheck.com


Sacramento, California

* TransitChek®  

The TransitChek program is an easy, convenient way to provide a tax-free incentive in the form of regional transit vouchers. Employees can use them to buy tokens, tickets, and passes from virtually any of the of mass transit providers in their area. Work/Life Benefits, a division of Accord Corporate Services, administers a turnkey program for the benefit of transit vendors, employers and employees.  

Employers can order any quantity. TransitCheks can be made out in the exact denomination needed. Each TransitChek is valid 15 months from the date the order is produced. Any unused vouchers may be returned for a refund of their face value any time before they expire. Once TransitCheks are given to the employees, they are free to convert them for media fare at their nearest transit vendor. 

Fees charged are as follows: 1-99 checks cost $.68 each; 100-199, $.63 each; 200-499, $.58 each; 500-1999, $.53 each; 2000-3499, $.48 each; 3500 and over, $.43 each; shipping charges are $10.75 per order. Rush orders filled within 24 hours cost an additional $25. 

Monthly passes cost $45, while one-way fares cost $1.25.

Contact: Worklife Benefits Customer Service Department

Telephone: 800-531-2828

Transit Agency: Sacramento Regional Transit District

Web Address: http://www.sacrt.com/


St. Louis, Missouri

Employer Pass Subsidy Program

EPSP is a program designed to provide a valuable fringe benefit that will profit both the employee and employer. By subsidizing the total cost or a percentage of a monthly pass, weekly pass, or 10-ride ticket book, employers can offer employees tax free savings, reduced transportation expenses, and commuting convenience. All passes and tickets are valid on all Metrobus and MetroLink transit services.

The employer decides the dollar amount of the company’s participation and who is eligible for the program. The maximum tax-free subsidy amount of $100 per month exceeds the $45 cost of a monthly pass. Weekly passes cost $14.50.

Contact: Patrick McLean

Telephone: 314-982-1499

Transit Agencies: Bi-State Development Agency bus and MetroLink light rail

Web address: http://www.metrostlouis.org/


Salt Lake City, Utah

Ecology and Economy Pass (ECO) 

The Ecology and Economy (ECO) Pass is an annual transit pass purchased by the employer. It allows employees to enjoy the benefits of a regular bus pass with the added incentive of the Guaranteed Ride Home program. Employers can use the Eco Pass as an added incentive for recruiting and retention. The Eco Pass program is tailored to suit the company’s needs. For example, the company can decide if the Pass is extended to full-time and part-time employees. Once the company enrolls in the program, each employee is given a sticker to affix to his/her photo identification card. If a company does not issue company ID pictures, then Utah Transit Authority will provide an Eco Pass card for a nominal fee. The program requires 100% employee participation. 

The program offers numerous benefits for both the employee and the employer. Employers may reduce parking shortage problems and costs, create corporate goodwill by encouraging the use of public transportation and provide employees with an economical, environmentally conscious tax-free fringe benefit. Eco Pass is a business tax deduction. Employees receive unlimited bus rides, save significantly on commuting costs, and alleviate driving and parking problems. They are also assisted in case of an emergency or unplanned changed in schedule through the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Monthly bus passes vary by service level: Level A for 65 or more trips during the peak period, $145; Level B for 40-64 trips, $110; Level C for 25-39 trips, $65; and Level D for 1-24 trips, $30; and A-TRAX within ½ mile of TRAX stations, $145. UTA will assist in determining in which service level category a company falls. A 50% discount for level A during the first year is available to new participating companies.

Contact: Andy Galegos, Manager of Marketing

Telephone: 801-262-5626 x2146

Transit Agency: Utah Transit Authority

Web Address: http://utabus.com/


San Antonio, Texas

Employer Big Pass Program

The Employer Big Pass Program furnishes passes on consignment or by sale to employers for distribution to employees either free or at a reduced cost. Employers decide the amount of the company’s subsidy. It allows cardholders unlimited use of VIA’s regular bus service anytime for an entire month. It can also be used for free streetcar service in the downtown area. Some companies choose to subsidize 10 to 50 percent of the cost, while others assume the full cost of the pass. Higher subsidy levels usually result in greater employee participation. Many of the employers who choose to have employees assume some of the cost often set up payment through pre-tax payroll deductions. At the end of the month, a company orders new passes and returns the unused passes for credit. Companies pay only for what the employees use.

Monthly passes for regular bus, express, and streetcar service cost $20.

Contact: George Martinez, Business Development Specialist

Telephone: 210-362-2377

Transit Agency: VIA Metropolitan Transit bus and street cars

Web Address: http://www.viainfo.net


San Francisco, California

* Commuter Check 

Commuter Checks are vouchers that employers give to employees to ride transit. Employees use the vouchers to buy tickets, tokens, or passes on buses, trains, ferries, and vanpools serving 11 counties in the metropolitan San Francisco and Santa Cruz areas. Commuter Checks are tax free, easy to administer, and very popular with employees. Employers order by mail and distribute them to their employees. They were developed to allow the business community to help reduce traffic congestion, improve the environment, and promote transit use. With Commuter Checks, employers can reduce their employees' transit fares by 40 percent while trimming total salary costs. 

Commuter Checks are available in $20, $25, $30, $35, $45, and $50 denominations. Fees are 3% - 4% of the total plus $10 per order for shipping. 

Contact: Rides for Bay Area Commuters

Telephone: 510-893-7665; FAX 510-622-0201

Transit Agencies: AC Transit, Alameda/Oakland Ferry Service, Altamont Commuter Express, American Canyon Transit, Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry, BART, Benicia Transit, Berkeley Electric Shuttle Transit, Blue & Gold Fleet, Brentwood Dimes-A-Ride, Broadway Shuttle, Burlingame Free Bee Shuttle, Caltrain, Caltrain Shuttles, Capital Express (Amtrak), CityLink, Cloverdale Transit, County Connection, Dunbarton Express, Emery G0-Round, Fairfield/Suisun Transit, Golden Gate Transit and Ferry, Harbor Bay Ferry, Intercity Van Go, Healdsburg In-City Transit, LAVTA, Mendocino Transit, Monterey-Salinas Transit, Napa Valley Commute Club, Rio Vista Transit, Petaluma Transit, SamTrans, San Benito County Transit, San Joaquin Regional Transit (SMART), San Francisco Muni, Santa Cruz MTD, Santa Rosa Transit, SMART, Sonoma County Transit, Stanford Marguerite Shuttle, Tri Delta Transit, UC Berkeley Campus Shuttle, Union City Transit, Vacaville City Coach, Vallejo Transit and Ferry, Vallejo Baylink Ferry, VTA, VTA Light Rail Shuttles, WestCAT, WHEELS, Enterprise Rideshare, and other participating vanpools.

Web Addresses: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) -- http://www.bart.gov/

Contact: Commuter Check Services Corporation

Telephone: 201-833-9700

Web Address: Commuter Check Services Corporation -- http://www.commutercheck.com

Contact: Employers Choice Direct Delivery

Telephone: 415-217-3900

Web Address: http://www.transitsearch.com


Santa Clara, California

Eco Pass

Companies purchase annual Eco Pass stickers for all full time employees at a given worksite, paying one low cost. Pricing levels, based on proximity to Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) service and the number of employees, are a fraction of the cost of standard monthly passes. Employees affix the stickers to the back of their company photo identification badges (or VTA produced photo ID cards). Eco Pass gives employees unlimited use of all VTA bus and light rail services, seven days a week. 

Annual rates are for downtown San Jose: $80 (1-99 employees); $60 (100-2,999 employees); $40 (3000+ employees); $20 (15,000+ employees); for areas served by bus and light rail: $60, $40, $20, and $10; and for areas served by bus only: $40, $20, $10, and $5. Express Service option costs an additional $12, $10, $8, or $5 above the Eco Pass rate. A $400 minimum order is required. A $3 per badge fee is assessed for companies without photo ID badges; if created; there are no extra fees for pass stickers. 

Contact: Dino Guevarra, Public Communications Specialist II

Telephone: 408-321-5527

Transit Agency: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority bus and light rail, Express Lines

Web Address: http://www.vta.org/


Seattle, Washington

Employer Pass Subsidy Program  

Employers participating in Pass Subsidy programs provide Metro passes and ticket books at reduced prices to their employees who ride the bus or Metro vanpools. One of the oldest and largest subsidy programs in the country, over 500 employers currently offer this benefit. Large and small employers provide subsidies from as low as $5 per month to a fully subsidized annual pass. The amount is a tax-deductible business expense and a tax-free benefit to employees if not more than $100 per month.

Contact:  Lois Watt

Telephone: 206-684-1716

FlexPass Program 

FlexPass creates a financing tool that allows employers to offer alternative commute benefits to most or all of their employees at little or no additional cost to their current employee transportation program. The FlexPass program is tailored to the unique needs and resources of each employer and their employees. FlexPass offers employees the ability to choose between a variety of alternative commute options to meet the varied needs of their daily commute.  

An employer’s FlexPass program will include full access at fixed costs to all regular service on King County Metro and Sound Transit, and may include ridematch services, Home Free Guarantee emergency ride home service, vanpool fare subsidies, carpool incentives, and free or reduced rate carpool or vanpool parking. The cost of an employer’s FlexPass includes fixed costs for transit access and other Metro services like Home Free Guarantee; and variable costs for subsidies and incentives linked to carpooling, vanpooling, parking and non-motorized modes. Costs vary depending upon the actual number of participants for each mode.  

If an employer already provides a transportation subsidy, the cost of a FlexPass program is usually equal to or slightly more than the current transportation program subsidy. In return, an employer can offer a wider variety of alternative commute subsidies and incentives to a much greater number of employees. FlexPass makes use of the existing funds being spent to subsidize employee commute benefits, such as transit pass and parking subsidies. Using these existing funds and combining them with discounted pricing for transit access and emergency ride home service, an employer can now offer alternative commute benefits to a larger employee base. Furthermore, if an employer continues their FlexPass program beyond the first year, further discounting is applied to the cost of new transit riding employees. Therefore, an employer can use the savings from new transit riders to further subsidize growth in other commute mode benefits, such as carpool incentives.

Telephone: 206-684-1621

Commuter Bonus Program 

The Commuter Bonus program provides a non-taxable transportation subsidy for employees who commute by bus, vanpool, or ferry. Commuter Bonus vouchers are available for commuters in King, Kitsap, Pierce, Snohomish, and Thurston counties. The following transportation providers participate in the program: Metro, Community Transit, Intercity Transit, Everett Transit, Island Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, and the Washington State Ferry System.  

Participating employers buy vouchers from Metro and distribute them to their employees. Employees take vouchers to retail pass outlets and use them as payment toward transit or ferry passes or tickets. Multiple vouchers may be applied to a single purchase. Employees can also use them to pay for vanpool fare. Vouchers are available in any whole dollar denominations ($5 minimum and $250 maximum) and are valid for 13 months from date of issue. Employers select the denominations and the quantity purchased. 

Contact: Commuter Bonus Program

Telephone: 206-263-4551

Transit Agencies: Pierce Transit, Community Transit, Sound Transit, Metro, Community Transit, Intercity Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, Washington State Ferry System

Web Address: http://transit.metrokc.gov


Spokane, Washington

Employer Sponsored Pass Program 

Spokane Transit Authority sells monthly bus passes to employers at a discount, who in turn, provide them to employees at a further subsidized price. Spokane provides $33 passes to employers at a cost of $30.50 if the employers agree to subsidize them an additional $2.50. Therefore, employees receive the passes for no more than $30.50 and often less. Employers may also subsidize vanpools for their employees through the Commuter Trip Reduction office. 

Contact: Pat Mize, Customer Service

Telephone: 509-456-7277

Transit Agency: Spokane Transit Authority

Web Address: http://www.spokanetransit.com/


Tacoma, Washington


Pierce Transit distributes monthly passes to employers on a consignment basis for sale or for free distribution to employees. Unsold passes are returned and passes distributed are paid for by the 20th of each month. Local passes cost $45 per month; Olympia express passes which are also honored by Intercity Transit cost $72 per month; and Seattle express passes which are also honored by King County Metro cost $90 per month. 

Contact: Sharon Stockwell, Community Services

Telephone: 253-581-8112

Transit Agency: Pierce Transit

Web Address: http://www.piercetransit.org/


Tucson, Arizona

Get on Board Program

Get on Board is an easy-to-use program that allows forward-thinking employers to make commuting to work convenient and affordable for their employees. Organizations that participate can increase employee productivity and morale, be recognized as good corporate citizens, and take advantage of significant tax incentives. Employees that ride Sun Tran are eligible for the Guaranteed RideHome program, a free taxi ride home for the employee if an emergency occurs.

Sun Tran provides passes to businesses either to sell to employees at the full value, partially subsidize them, or provide them at no charge to the employee. Employers are encouraged to arrange payment through pre-tax payroll deductions. Pass types include a $28 Monthly, $75 Quarterly, and $275 Annual, offering employees unlimited rides seven days a week. For the occasional rider, a 10-ride $10 Stored Value Pass is a convenient alternative.

Passes are delivered by certified mail to the worksite two weeks prior to the valid month for distribution. Companies pay only for passes that are used and can return unused passes for credit within 60 days.

Contact: Jenny Sirnio, Product Manager

Telephone: 520-206-8859

Transit Agency: Sun Tran

Web Address: http://www.suntran.com


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bonus Bucks 

Companies of all sizes can help their employees pay for transit fares by providing Bonus Bucks transit vouchers. This program allows employers to pay half the cost of an employee’s monthly bus fare and deduct it as a business expense. Employees send the vouchers to Tulsa Transit including their share of the fare. Monthly passes are then sent to the employees and an invoice is sent to the employer for the vouchers redeemed.  Monthly bus passes cost $35 while 10 ride ticket books sell for $8. 

Contact: Cynthia Staab, Bonus Bucks Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Telephone: 918-699-0223 or 918-585-1195

Transit Agency: Tulsa Transit

Web Address: http://www.tulsatransit.org/


Washington, DC

* Metrochek 

Employers can offer Metrocheks to its employees. Metrochek is an exchangeable voucher that is accepted by more than 90 different transportation organizations region wide. Employees exchange the Metrocheks for fares of any of these transportation systems. Metrochek is so flexible that almost any type, mix and quantity of Metro passes, senior and disabled farecards and bus tokens can be assembled to meet employees' transportation needs. Metrochek can accommodate employees who commute daily and those employees who occasionally use public transportation. WMATA arranges delivery or easy pickup of the fares. Orders of $1,000 or more are delivered free. Companies set their own internal employee distribution procedures. To meet IRS regulations and ensure employee compliance, employers are only required to keep records of transit fares purchased.

More than 100,000 employees participate in the program through more than 2,400 employers. 

Vouchers are available in the following denominations: $1, $5, $10, $15, $20, $21, $30. 

Contact: Metrochek, Lorraine Taylor, Assistant Manager of Sales

Telephone: 202-962-1326

Transit Agencies: Transit agencies including: ART, AMTRAK, Alexandria Ride Share, Allen VanPool Service, Annapolis Commuter VanPool, Arlington County DOT, Baltimore VanPool, The Bus, CUE Bus System, Commuter Connections, Commuter Page, Commuter Direct, Commuter VanPool Shuttle Service, DASH, Eyre Bus Company, Fairfax Connector, Fairfax County DOT, Laurel Connect-A-Ride, LINK, Loudon County Commuter Service, MARC Trains, Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA), Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), Mass Transit Administration, Montgomery County Division of Transit Services, Omni Ride, Potomac and Rapahannock Transportation Commission, Ride On, Tysons Shuttle, VDOT, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, VanPool LTD, VanPool Services Inc, Virginia Railway Express, Washington, DC SmarTraveler, WMATA Metrobus and Metrorail, White Flint Commuter Service Center

Web Address: http://www.wmata.com/

Wilmington, Delaware

See Philadelphia