Information Notebook

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Background Information This section provides the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) response to the challenge of providing transportation services needed to connect current welfare recipients in urban and rural areas to places where employment opportunities exist.

Job Access & Reverse Commute Program & Publications

TEA-21 Legislation (Section 3037-Job Access and Reverse Commute Grants)

Travel To Work 
This section provides information for new transit riders. It explains the use of transit vehicles, schedules, maps, and routes.

Transit Agencies that operate...

How to use the bus Buses
Cable Cars
Commuter Rail
Inclined Planes
Light Rail Systems
How to use the subway Subway/Rapid Rail

Transit Services by City, County, or Region -- A listing of transit agencies providing information about their services.


What are current travel conditions?

SmarTraveler: Traveler Information Services


Where are you located?


Where to Get Assistance
This section provides an interactive Map and Directory of Employment and Training Related State Internet Servers.

Worksite Information 
The guidance contained in this section is provided primarily for employers.

     (Private Sector)

  • The Welfare to Work Partnership

    Blueprint for Hiring

  • The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

     (Public and Private Sector)

Federal Initiatives

Other Resources