Joint Partnership Program Information for Job Access and Reverse Commute Deployment of Technology

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Meeting the mobility needs of welfare recipients and low-income persons presents significant transportation challenges and frequently requires innovative solutions and collaborative partnerships. For example, localities often face challenges in blending various federally provided transportation services in a given service area. The application of smart card technology may be a way to track recipient travel patterns, fare collection information as well as streamline accounting requirements. Other examples include establishing mobility management and transportation brokerage systems to manage service delivery, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping tools to develop customer-trip planning systems and implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology to coordinate the service delivery of multiple operators.

FTA encourages grantees to consider how technology innovation may assist in meeting the mobility needs of Job Access & Reverse Commute (JARC)  recipients. FTA is offering grantees an alternative mechanism to help speed up the process of deploying such promising new technologies through the Joint Partnership Program for the Deployment of Innovation (JPP).

The Joint Partnership Program

Authorized under TEA-21, JPP offers an attractive alternative agreement mechanism for the deployment of new technological and methodological innovation into the transit marketplace. The JPP allows consortia comprised of transit operators and developers of technology to jointly deploy technology with federal support. FTA funding may comprise up to 50% of the cost of the deployment project while the operator(s)/developer(s) must contribute the remainder in a non-federal match.

Note: This program is NOT an independent source of funds. However, FTA Job Access funding may be applied to a JPP agreement. Applicants are not required to include a JPP proposal, nor will it be considered in the evaluation process for Job Access grants.

For further information on JPP, including eligibility, consortia guidelines and cost share requirements, please refer to Joint Partnership Program Information for Job Access & Reverse Commute Grant Proposals.