Job Access and Reverse Commute Electronic Application

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The application period for submitting Job Access & Reverse Commute (JARC) Competitive Applications closed on May 9, 2000. FTA is not accepting any new Competitive Applications.

Important Note

Please be aware that the Job Access & Reverse Commute (JARC) applications must be for projects included in an Area-Wide Job Access & Reverse Commute Plan. This plan must be developed through a local collaborative transportation/human service planning process. Additionally, applicants must be selected by Metropolitan Planning Agencies in areas with populations 200,000 and above, and by States for areas with populations below 200,000 persons. If you need information about who to contact in your area so that your proposal may receive consideration in this State and local process, please contact the appropriate FTA Regional Office.

Please do not submit a proposal to FTA until this process is completed.

Applicants must submit an original and two paper copies of the application proposal to the appropriate FTA Regional Office. Additionally, the application proposal is to be submitted via e-mail to FTA at: ( If an applicant is unable to submit the application electronically via e-mail, the proposal should be submitted on a 3.5 formatted disk for use on a personal computer (PC). Documents should be submitted in Word or Rich Text Format (RTF). Tables should be submitted in an Excel, or Tab Delimited Format. Submissions must be postmarked by, as well as electronically sent, where feasible, to FTA by May 9, 2000.

To accommodate the needs of our Grantees in completing the suggested Proposal Narrative format, we have made a few technical adjustments to provide additional space. If you are experiencing problems with completing any of the electronic forms below, please contact Bob Owens at (202) 366-1689 for assistance.

The following file links constitute the electronic format recommended for use by applicants:

All Applicants should refer to the Federal Register Notice dated March 10, 2000 entitled, "Job Access and Reverse Commute Competitive Grants; Availability of Funds; Solicitation for Grant Applications" as guidance for developing their electronic application.