Bridgeport, CT/Intermodal Transportation Center B-5

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Bridgeport Intermodal Center Project

Bridgeport Connecticut

(August 2001)


The City of Bridgeport is proposing to undertake the reconstruction of a multi-phased intermodal facility to be located in the downtown area. This new facility will be designed to physically and functionally integrate a variety of existing and proposed modes of transportation in the heart of the central business district. The combination of commuter and high-speed rail, ferry, intra- and inter-city bus, taxi, limousine, airport shuttle, automobile, and pedestrian modes in a single facility is expected to be an important transportation and economic development magnet to the downtown and waterfront area.

The existing Bridgeport intermodal center offers a diversity of transportation services including Metro North Rail Service, Amtrak Rail Service, local bus service through the Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority, intercity bus services, ferry service, limousine services, and taxi services. The Bridgeport Municipal Airport is a five-minute ride from the intermodal center. The new intermodal center is expected to improve the connectivity for transit patrons.

The total capital cost for the intermodal center project is estimated at $62.4 million (escalated dollars), with a proposed Section 5309 New Starts share of $24.9 million. Since the proposed New Starts share is less than $25 million, the project is exempt from the New Starts criteria, and thus is not subject to FTA’s evaluation and rating (49 USC Section 5309 (e)(8)(A)).

Summary Description
Proposed Project: Bridgeport Intermodal Transportation Center – Phase II & III
Total Capital Cost ($YOE): $62.4 million
Section 5309 New Starts Share ($YOE): $24.9 million


The City of Bridgeport, in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Transportation and Greater Bridgeport Regional Planning Agency, has studied the feasibility of the Intermodal Center Project. June 2000, Greater Bridgeport MPO selected the Bridgeport Intermodal Transportation project as the locally preferred alternative and has included it in their long-range transportation plan. FTA approved this project to initiate in Preliminary Engineering in April 2001.

The Bridgeport Intermodal Center Project was authorized in TEA-21 in

Section 3030(c)(1)(A) (vi). To date, the City has not received any Section 5309 New Starts appropriations. However, the project received a $5 million dollar Section 5309 Bus appropriation in FY 2001.

Locally Proposed Financing Plan
(Reported in $YOE)
Proposed Source of Funds Total Funding ($million) Appropriations to Date
    Section 5309 New Starts
$24.9 ($0 million appropriated through FY 2001)
    Section 5309 Bus


FY 2001 appropriation
Match – State Funding – Department of Communities and Development

Additional Participation - City of Bridgeport $25.0  
TOTAL $62.4  
NOTE: Funding proposal reflects assumptions made by project sponsors, and are not DOT or FTA assumptions. Totals may not add due to rounding.